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UK Franchise Opportunities - Common Questions


Who are the customers of a PACK & SEND franchise and why do they use us?

Every householder, business, tourist and eBay buyer and seller is a potential customer of PACK & SEND. As a business with a ‘One-Stop-Shop’ concept, we have a range of services and products to suit any need or budget.

Customers primarily use our services due to one or more of the following needs:

  • Convenience
  • High level of personalised service
  • Reliability and peace of mind
  • Complete solution
  • Friendliness.

Householders use PACK & SEND for such needs as sending gifts, moving personal effectsfurniture removals, returning goods on warranty and purchasing packaging supplies.

We have made it easier for tourists to send things back home and, in turn, have helped to expand the sales of many businesses that sell goods to tourists. We have also created logistics solutions for Qantas airlines, major hotel chains and backpacker hostels, which has assisted them in servicing their tourist customers.

Small and medium businesses, government departments and large corporations use PACK & SEND to provide solutions for the safe delivery of items including those that are fragile, large, awkward and valuable. Many small businesses outsource their packing and dispatch departments to PACK & SEND. Our clients include major freight companies and furniture removal firms who use PACK & SEND‘s packaging services to add value to their own clients’ experience.

What makes PACK & SEND different from other courier suppliers, freight companies or the Post Office?

PACK & SEND primarily pursues a niche market within the multi-billion pound freight and packaging industry that is currently not being adequately serviced by existing operators. Indeed, a significant proportion of our business comes from referrals from carriers that do not have the infrastructure to provide personalised packaging and freight solutions. Our niche market is made up of customers who prefer, for reasons of convenience, service and reliability, to come to a one-stop-shop to satisfy their freight, messaging and packaging requirements. We have a unique company profile and industry position within the rapidly-growing £70billion logistics industry.

The size of this potential market can be exemplified by the nature of the solutions that PACK & SEND can provide. Consider these examples:

  • A student wanting to send a couple of boxes full of clothes and books back home to China
  • A couple on holiday from the USA needs to send a painting of the New Forest they have bought back home
  • An eBay seller from Manchester has to pack and ship a pair of Kef speakers to send to the buyer in Canada
  • A family is moving to New Zealand and need valuable furniture and ornaments packing securely and shipping to Auckland.

What is the average value of a sale through a PACK & SEND store?

The average sale value in a PACK & SEND store is £240 per customer. However, the actual purchase value will vary dramatically. For example:

  • International freight services range from a letter priced at £1.00 to a bulk consignment of electronic goods which can come to £10,000
  • You could sell £1,000 worth of packaging materials or one carton for £3.75
  • Domestic and European freight services can range from a £17.70 parcel consignment to coordinating a national exhibition that can come to £30,000
  • You may charge someone £1.00 for sending a single fax, or someone may wish to broadcast a newsletter every month to 2,500 recipients. This could earn you up to £1,000 and beyond.

How do you make profits on PACK & SEND services?

Profitability is attained by disciplined application. Customers come to you for your knowledge and professionalism. The fact you can draw upon a wide variety of options that can all be shaped into a tailored solution especially for them is how you win new business and gain repeat customers. A rewarding and dynamic element of the business is your ability to create an almost infinite number of possible solutions.

Our substantial buying power allows our franchisees to make profits through the following:

  • Markup on the cost of freight services
  • Markup on the cost of packaging materials
  • Labour costs when packing, picking up, delivering
  • Markup on the cost of messaging services
  • Management fees from project managed services.

With so many services, is a PACK & SEND store a complex business to manage?

This type of business can be viewed as complex. For example, sending a box of personal effects overseas could involve six alternatives. Where do you begin so that you can specify the best option for your customer?

Simple questions will help you through a “decision flow” that will arrive at an obvious and most appropriate solution.

The purpose of PACK & SEND is to make this process as simple and hassle-free for the customer as possible. PACK & SEND can turn what could be a four-hour task for the customer into a ten-minute exercise.

PACK & SEND provides the training, ongoing support and resources that will enable you to determine the most appropriate service options for your customers. The beauty of a franchise is that a great deal of collective experience is on tap for you to draw upon.

Franchisees who seek the best solutions for their customers operate the most successful PACK & SEND stores. Their most valuable attributes are excellent listening skills, empathy and lateral thinking.

How big is a PACK & SEND store and where are they located?

PACK & SEND stores vary in size from 900 square feet to 1,800 square feet, though the average is around 1,200.

Stores are not generally located in shopping centres, but rather on the fringe of a town or in a business district with a street frontage that has substantial passing traffic. We call them secondary high street locations.

Street frontage is essential to enable you to use your storefront as an advertising medium to build local brand awareness and to make your business accessible to your customers.

What type of support does a franchisee receive?

Initial training includes three weeks of classroom and in-store training. PACK & SEND offers complete training on all aspects of our business. When you finish our training course, you will be familiar with the freight industry, packaging techniques, our accounting system, franchising, our operating system and successful marketing techniques and strategies.

Pre-opening support includes:

  • Assistance in the selection of premises
  • Guidance and support in lease negotiation with the landlord or agent of your chosen store
  • Pre-opening checklist and organisation of shop fit
  • Guidance and support in supplier account set up and inventory and store merchandising
  • Providing an operator in the first week of opening for on-site training and assistance.

Ongoing support includes:

  • Monthly review and analysis of financial performance
  • Regular store visits from our Franchisee Support Staff
  • Telephone support
  • 24-hour access to our award-winning intranet support site – PACKNET
  • Comprehensive Operations Manual accessible online
  • Regular franchisee seminars and rallies held throughout the year
  • Annual Franchisee Conference
  • Pricing discounts that come from being part of a large organisation
  • Research and development
  • Wide range of marketing resources that include: Yellow Pages and coordination, direct mail, website, customer newsletter, eBay marketing tools
  • High-profile national consumer and business media advertising and promotion
  • Referral relationships with major freight companies.

How much profit can a franchisee make?

Your profitability will primarily depend upon the scope of your innovation and efforts. With determination, excellent customer service and innovative, relentless marketing, the PACK & SEND store concept is the medium on which to attain your personal earning objectives. The unlimited opportunities in our market require that you direct the question to yourself and ask, “What do I want to earn?”

Profitability is a discipline, and requires continued attention to the following aspects of the business:

  • Sales revenue and gross profit margins – the results of your marketing activity and your ability to maintain gross margin targets
  • Your business overheads – taking into account your store rental outlay, staff salaries, vehicles, etc. Earnings information based on the historical performance of company owned and franchised outlets are available to qualified applicants in PACK & SEND‘s Franchise Disclosure Document.

What type of franchisee is PACK & SEND looking for?

The wise selection of prospective franchisees underpins the success of all franchise systems. In order to arrive at a successful “commercial marriage”, PACK & SEND goes through a systematic and thoughtful approach to franchisee selection to reduce the likelihood of an imperfect match.

At PACK & SEND, we are looking for special people to join the team. Ideally, you would have worked in a sales or management role for a company that would have enabled you to acquire sound business skills.

You have acknowledged that now is the time to pursue your dream of a career as your own boss in a successful enterprise. You will also recognise that a franchise system helps to minimise the risks in starting a small business, but you are also keen to put your own mark on it.

You will also be acutely aware of the unique nature of a franchisee-franchisor relationship and clearly know the obligations of both parties. The success of both is intrinsically linked.

What is the next step and how long does it take to get started?

If you are interested in operating your own PACK & SEND business, then you can make an application to be considered for a franchisee license.

Applicants that are approved, can be up and running in their own PACK & SEND store within 3-4 months from the initial enquiry.


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