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Delivery Franchise FAQs

Starting a new business is an exciting and challenging time. We’ve answered some common questions to alleviate any concerns you may have about owning a franchise with PACK & SEND.


Who are PACK & SEND’s typical customers and why do they use our service centres?

Every individual and business has the potential to become customer of PACK & SENDparticularly if they trade online. As a business with a ‘One-Stop-Shop’ concept, woffer a range of services and products to suit any need or budget. 

Householders typically use our services for sending gifts, moving personal effectsfurniture removals, returning goods on warranty, and purchasing packaging supplies. 

In the tourism industry, for example, we make it easy for travellers to send items home and have therefore helped to expand the sales of many UK businesses that sell to tourists. We also specialise in creating logistics solutions and have done so for Qantas Airways, major hotel chains, and backpacker hostels, assisting them in servicing their customers.

Small and medium-sized businesses, government departments, and large corporations all use PACK & SEND to provide the safe delivery of fragile, large, awkward and valuable items. Many small businesses outsource their packing and dispatch departments to us, too.

Customers primarily use our service centres as we fulfil the following needs: 

  • Convenience 
  • High level of personalised service 
  • Safety, reliability, and peace of mind 
  • Complete solution 
  • Friendliness

What makes PACK & SEND different from other courier suppliers, freight companies or the Post Office?

PACK & SEND has a unique company profile and position within the multibillion-pound logistics industry. We specialise in packing and shipping large, fragile, valuable, or awkwardly shaped items that other courier suppliers and freight companies are typically not equipped to deal with. 

Our pursuit of this growing niche market means a significant proportion of our business comes from referrals from other carriers who do not have the infrastructure to provide personalised packaging and freight solutions in the same way we can. 

What is the average value of a sale through a PACK & SEND service centre?

The average sale value in a PACK & SEND service centre is £240 per customer. However, the actual purchase value varies dramatically depending on each customer’s requirements. For example: 

  • International freight services range from a letter priced at a few pounds, to a bulk consignment of electronic goods which can come to £10,000. 
  • You could sell £1,000 worth of packaging materials to a small business, or just one carton to an individual for £3.75. 
  • Domestic and European freight services can range from a £17.70 parcel consignment, to coordinating a national exhibition costing up to £30,000. 

How do you make profits on PACK & SEND services and how much is this likely to be?

Earnings information based on the historical performance of companyowned and franchised outlets is available to qualified applicants in our Franchise Disclosure Document. This is supplied to you as part of the application process. 

With so many services, is a PACK & SEND service centre a complex business to manage?

 The needs of our customers can be complex given the nature of the items that we ship and the wide range of potential delivery destinations. However, our robust training programme, online operations manual, and proprietary software solutions mean that our franchise partners are well-placed to make even the most complex of tasks seem simple. 

PACK & SEND aims to make packing and delivery as simple and hassle-free as possible for the customer, turning what could be a lengthy task for them to address themselves into a speedy solution. To do this, we primarily advise the use of simple questions that guide you through a decision flow, leading you to an obvious and appropriate solution, all carried out using our software. 

Another of the many benefits of franchising with PACK & SEND is that we have a great deal of collective experience on tap for you to draw upon. Our service centres are always on hand to support you. 

How big is a PACK & SEND service centre and where are they located?

PACK & SEND have two service centre models: 

  1. Retail service centres – these are the more common scenario and vary in size from 1000 square feet to 1,800 square feet, with the average service centre being around 1,200 sq. ft. 
  2. Logistics service centres – a newer concept geared towards offering larger-scale solutionsstrategically located around the UK. They are much larger units averaging around 6000 sq. ft. 

Rather than setting up retail service centres in shopping centres, we typically locate them a short distance from the town centre, or in a business district where the frontage has substantial passing traffic and the opportunity to fully magnify the brandStreet frontage is essential as a powerful advertising tool, enabling you to use your storefront to build local brand awareness. 

We aim to establish a country-wide presence, with service centres in every major town and city across the UK. Find out more about where you could start franchising with us here.

What type of support does a PACK & SEND franchisee receive?

As a PACK & SEND franchise partner, you will benefit from our comprehensive training programme and launch package along with ongoing support and benefits throughout our time together. 

The support starts before your service centre opens, including advice on selecting the optimum premises and how to hire the strongest team. In your first year, we promise to match your marketing spend and guarantee a minimum number of leads (subject to approvals and limits)But the support doesn’t stop after Year 1, with 24/7 access to our intranet, monthly reviews, and regular franchise partner events to keep you in the loop, plus much more. 

Find out more about our fantastic launch package here. 

What type of franchisee is PACK & SEND looking for?

We believe its important that every franchise partner we take on understands and empathises with PACK & SEND’s mission and values. We have a structured and considered approach to the selection of franchise partners, known as our Discovery Process, which reduces the likelihood of an imperfect match and helps us to arrive at a successful ‘commercial marriage’. 

It is equally important to us that you find a franchise opportunity that is right for you. So, wmake sure prospective franchise partners get the opportunity to fully evaluate us and ensure our offering is the best franchise opportunity for you as an individual. 

Read more about the specific skills we look for in franchise partners here. 

What is the next step and how long does it take to get started?

Starting a franchise with PACK & SEND couldn’t be easierWe have a structured application process (our Discovery Process) in place to make sure that we’re a good match, and to help you decide whether this is the right opportunity for you. This process gives you the opportunity to find out what being a PACK & SEND franchise partner means on a day-to-day basis before you make any decisions or commitments. 

Approved applicants typically open their own service centre within 4-6 months of the initial enquiry. 

If you’d like to start the process of owning your own franchise, please fill in the enquiry form here. 


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