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Shipping to Germany from the UK

Germany is the UK’s second-largest import partner, with over £55 billion in goods heading there each year from the UK.

Whether you’re sending gifts to friends and family in Germany or you’re an international seller distributing to German buyers, PACK & SEND gets your parcels from door-to-door safely and on-time.

PACK & SEND takes care of everything for you when it comes to shipping to Germany and here, for your peace of mind, we’ve covered everything you need to know before sending your parcels.

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Sending freight to Germany

PACK & SEND makes shipping to Germany a breeze. The country’s modern transport infrastructure and major international airports mean we ship your parcels safely and speedily via airroad or sea.  

Plus, our Express Delivery service gets your urgent parcels around the world in days. 

If you’re relocating to Germany – or simply sending awkward, fragile or valuable items – you’ll want to know your belongings are in safe hands, arriving on-time and in perfect condition.  

That’s why PACK & SEND takes care of everything, from securely packaging your items, to dropping them right to the door in Germany. 

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Customs requirements when shipping to Germany

Like other EU countries, shipments heading to Germany require customs documentation, and import VAT and import duty will be charged in Germany – rather than the UK – and paid by the receiver of the parcel. 

Personal senders must complete a commercial invoice with their shipping agent. These documents are simply used to detail the contents of the package, describing its items and including their commodity codes – which can be found online. 

Businesses shipping to EU countries will also need to register for an EORI number. This can be done easily online, too. 

If you’re sending personal correspondence’, like letters and postcards, to friends and family in Germany, you won’t have to worry about customs documentation, as these are exempt from the rules. 

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Keeping the Paper trail Intact

Are there restrictions on what I can send to Germany?

As with all countries, Germany has some rules around which products can be imported. So, it’s worth checking your items are permitted to save you the cost and hassle of having your package returned to you. 

Germany’s restricted items include: 

  • Medicines and narcotics 
  • Chemicals 
  • Animal products 
  • Pesticides 
  • Cash over a certain value 

If you’re still unsure whether your items are permitted – and for a full list of restricted items  check the German government’s website. 

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Addressing parcels to Germany

The way we write addresses when shipping to Germany is slightly different from sending parcels around the UK. 

The receiver’s name goes on the top line but the house or building number goes after the street name on the second line. 

The postcode and city go on the third line, with ‘Germany’ on the fourth line (when sending from the UK). 

For example: 

Max Mustermann
Kadiner Str. 30
11111 Berlin

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Safe Contactless Delivery

Safe and secure delivery

PACK & SEND gets your valuable, fragile or awkward items wherever they need to go in the world. Our expert packers can secure your items for you and we’ll then help you arrange all the required documents and take care of shipping. 

We also offer comprehensive loss or damage cover – no matter the value of your goods – in case the worst happens unexpectedly. 

Fill out a form to receive a quote for shipping to Germany or give us a call on 0345 873 9990. 

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What items are prohibited to send to Germany?

Restricted items for import into Germany include; live animals, some plants and counterfeit products. A complete list of all prohibited goods can be found here – https://www.zoll.de/DE/Unternehmen/Warenverkehr/Einfuhr-aus-einem-Nicht-EU-Staat/Einschraenkungen/Waren/waren_node.html. Whilst these goods are prohibited for import, solutions can be found in some circumstances, contact your local service centre for more information.

What ways are there to get an item sent to Germany?

Shipments to Germany can be organised by both road and air freight by PACK & SEND.

How long will my things take to reach Germany?

An estimated shipping time of 3-4 working days is to be expected when sending goods to Germany. This however is only an estimated time as with customs clearance there can be delays on shipments going through borders.


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