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PACK & SEND has a number of surcharges that specifically relate to the Online Self-Service Booking system and these are detailed below. In making a booking and agreeing to our Online Service Terms and Conditions you are agreeing to Us charging your credit card with the amount detailed below for the respective surcharge in the event that it becomes necessary. The amounts shown exclude VAT where that is chargeable.

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Shipment Cancellation Charge - £10

Should a shipment require cancellation via customer request due to personal reasons or an incorrect booking, a charge of £10 will be applied. Shipments can only be cancelled before a collection has been made.

Correct Weight/Dimensions Charge - £10 per Item plus the additional chargeable weight

Should the weight or dimensions you enter during the booking of an Online Self-Service Shipment be found to be incorrect when we measure the shipment we will levy an additional charge to your card for the incremental chargeable weight/dimensions to the destination plus a charge of £10 per item. Please note that should the true dimensions of the shipment be such that it would not have been accepted for online self-service shipping then the shipment may accrue additional oversize surcharges.

Prohibited Online Goods Returns Charge – cost of return shipping plus £180

Should your shipment contain any of the items prohibited from being sent via an Online Self-Service shipment and the shipment is returned to you or us as a result, you will be charged the cost of the return shipping plus an additional charge of £180.

Failed Collection Charge - £10 per collection attempt

Should there be no one available at the collection address when the driver arrives and we are therefore unable to collect your shipment then a charge of £10 will be applied. This will be applied to every failed collection.

Failed Delivery Charge - £10 per delivery attempt up to a maximum of 3 attempts and then the return shipping amount.

Should there be no one at the delivery address or the delivery address is closed (in the event of it being a business) when we attempt delivery then a charge of £10 will be applied for each failed attempt. We will attempt to deliver up to 3 times (or deliver the item to a local secure collection point if available) after which the shipment will be returned and a charge for the return shipping will be applied. Please note that the return shipping charge (for international shipments) may not be the same as the outgoing charge and could be more.

Customs Duties, Taxes and Storage Charges – as below plus a £20 administration charge

In the event that the receiver fails to pay or refuses to pay any customs duties, taxes or related storage charges the following may occur:

  • We are charged the duties, taxes and related storage charges by the receiving countries’ customs authorities in which case we will charge those costs to you plus an administration charge of £20.
  • The shipment will be returned in which case a charge equivalent to the return shipping cost will be made plus an administration charge of £20. Please note that the return shipping charge may not be the same as the outgoing charge and could be more.
  • The shipment may be destroyed in which case a charge will be applied equivalent to the customs authorities’ charge for disposal of the shipment plus a £20 administration charge

Additional Handling Charge - £14 per package

Where an item has been shipped using Online Self Service an additional handling charge will be applied for items that are:

  • Packed in an outer carton that is made of metal or wood.
  • Any cylindrical item that is not fully encased in a corrugated cardboard carton
  • Any item not packed in a corrugated cardboard carton
  • Any item packed in a postal tube
  • Any package where the longest side exceeds 100cm or the second longest exceeds 76cm
  • Any package with a weight greater than 30 kg

Where any of the above apply a surcharge of £14 per package will be applied.

Address Correction - £11

Where the delivery or collection address is amended after the booking a charge of £11 will be made.

Returned shipment charge – £10 plus return shipping cost

Should a shipment be returned to the sender for whatever reason a charge of £10 plus a value equivalent to the shipping charge. Please note that this return shipping charge (for international shipments) may not be the same as the outgoing shipping charge and maybe more.


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