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Shipping to Italy from the UK

Are you looking to send parcels to Italy? From the Sicilian Islands to mainland Milan, PACK & SEND makes sure your package arrives safely, wherever it needs to go.

With over 25 years’ experience providing specialist freight forwarding, international shipping, and door-to-door packing and delivery services, PACK & SEND has the formula when it comes to safe and secure shipping around Europe.

We specialise in transporting large, awkward, fragile and valuable items – and you can trust PACK & SEND couriers to deliver your package to its destination in perfect condition.

Here, you’ll find everything you need to consider when shipping your goods to Italy – from how to address your package to customs requirements and import restrictions.

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PACK & SEND has a track record for delivering packages safely and securely to Italy. With a vast range of packing and shipping services – as well as comprehensive end-to-end tracking of your parcel – you get a packing and delivery service that suits your needs.  

With many of us having family and friends or even business partners and customers in Italy, getting important or sentimental items collected, packed and shipped can be difficult to manage remotely. Luckily, PACK & SEND manages the entire process for you. 

Whether you’re planning a move to Italy, shipping items to loved ones or delivering to overseas customers, PACK & SEND offers an unrivalled range of secure packing and delivery solutions to move your goods safely and quickly. 

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When sending parcels to Italy, be aware of its import regulations, as well as those for countries in the European Union. 

Parcels entering Europe from the UK are subject to additional customs and duty fees, charged to the recipient. UK-based senders need to complete a commercial invoice to get their parcels through customs, too. This is so Customs Officials can tell whether imported items should be subject to import duties and if so, how much they need to charge. 

Find out everything you need to know before shipping to Europe on our dedicated page. At PACK & SEND, we’re always happy to chat through the right approach for your package.  

Personal effects and items intended as gifts are not subject to customs charges, provided they follow Italy’s import guidelines. However, to make sure you qualify for the Customs Duty and VAT-free allowance, follow the shipping instructions laid out by the UK government. 

Some common mistakes include: 

  • Not filling in the paperwork correctly (putting information in the wrong place or missing sections entirely) 
  • Trying to send prohibited or restricted items 
  • Being too vague or not providing enough detail on your items – e.g. instead of just saying ‘clothes’, state ‘2x men’s cotton shirts, made in England’ 
  • Sending items without the correct licenses and certificates 

PACK & SEND boasts years of experience meeting Europe’s regional customs rulesWork with us to make sure your parcel meets all the regulations, avoids delays and arrives safely and on time. 

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Every nation has unique regulations when it comes to imports. In addition to the EU regulations, Italy has its own rules, which may differ from other member states. 

Whatever it is you’re looking to send, it’s important to understand exactly what can be imported and which items are prohibited. Always check restricted items and size or quantity allowances before sendingas prohibited items will be destroyed or returned to you. 

For example, restrictions include up to 10kg of meat or dairy products’ or up to 1 litre of spirits (over 22% alcohol vol)Counterfeit goods and prescription or illegal drugs are also banned. Be sure to look at the full list of prohibited and restricted products before sending. 

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Addressing parcels and letters to Italy is slightly different to how we structure our local addresses. 

Surnames appear before the first name in the first line of the address, house numbers follow street names on the second line and postcodes follow the town name on the third line. A two-letter province code also appears on the third line. 

For example: 

Rossi Mario
via Valcava 23
20155 Milano MI

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Safe Contactless Delivery


No matter the challenge, PACK & SEND knows what it takes to guarantee the safe arrival of your precious parcels in Italy. Our bespoke packaging services mean your items are protected and secure throughout the delivery process.  

We always aim to get a signature upon receipt, too – something not all shipping companies can guarantee. This gives you peace of mind of safe delivery. 

Make sure you’re fully covered by looking at PACK & SEND’s comprehensive loss or damage cover. No matter the value of the package, we help you get the right cover for your items.

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