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Loss & Damage - Warranty Protection

We take every care to make sure that your items stay safe during transit. However, for complete peace of mind when you send your shipments domestically or internationally, we offer Warranty protection to cover you for loss or damage to your important shipments.

We aim to provide a distribution service for our customers that is affordable and encompasses reliability, timeliness and safe delivery. Unfortunately, mishaps do occasionally occur, and these can cause loss or damage to a client’s goods. Our Warranty provides protection for these unfortunate events to give you complete peace of mind.

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How to Arrange Warranty for Your Consignments

PACK & SEND Warranty protection is easy to arrange for your shipments. While organising your consignment you can simply request the service and we can confirm what is required to ensure that the goods that you are sending are eligible to be covered by Warranty – this is usually only that we have to pack the items for you but occasionally additional conditions may apply.

Warranty: What is Covered?

At PACK & SEND, we can provide our customers with a professional packing service, address labelling, document preparation, freight pick-up and delivery to door, store or port and track and trace. Our Warranty  Protection covers the items being shipped by us and protects the value of your consignment in the event of loss or damage subject to certain conditions.

Once you are covered by our Warranty which then means that we agree to deliver the goods in the condition that the goods were received by us. If the goods are lost whilst in our care, we will pay you the agreed market value of the goods as detailed on the consignment documentation.

If the goods are damaged whilst in our care, we will pay you the reasonable cost of repair up to the amount nominated on the PACK & SEND consignment note.

There are no excesses payable in PACK & SEND Warranty cover so you really do have complete peace of mind. It is also important to remember that the PACK & SEND UK Warranty is for physical loss or damage and does not include consequential loss.

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Limits and Exclusions

There are some important limits and exclusions to be aware of when you purchase the comprehensive loss and damage protection provided by the PACK & SEND Warranty.


Warranty is not immediately available for consignments valued over £20,000. Although Warranty protection for consignments valued over this amount will usually be available, it must be specifically arranged and approved through a PACK & SEND store and our insurance underwriters. Please ask for advice on covering higher value items.


Warranty protection is not available for shipments containing:

  • Bullion, cash, coins or banknotes.
  • Jewellery, some gold or silver articles or articles containing gold or silver.
  • Precious stones.
  • Deeds, bonds, bills of exchange or other documents representing money.
  • Travellers’ samples.
  • Livestock and bloodstock.
  • Living plants.
  • Household goods for overseas delivery as defined as the total or substantial partial removal of the contents of a home. This does not mean an item that can be fully described on a consignment note.

Other exclusions include:

  • Imports: goods being arranged for import from countries outside of the UK unless we have packed them or been able to inspect the packing.
  • Storage: goods stored (other than storage incidental to the transit of the goods).
  • Services: ‘International Parcel Mail’ services, ‘Home Delivery & Leave’ service and consignments containing documents.

Other Important Information

If you are considering the comprehensive loss and damage protection provided by the PACK & SEND Warranty, you should also read the following important information:

•  Terms & Conditions

Arrange Warranty Today

If you would like to take advantage of all the benefits that the PACK & SEND Warranty provides, contact a store today. We will confirm that your shipment is eligible for the Warranty, and will provide you with any other information you require.

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