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Shipping to Ireland from the UK

Many of us have friends and family across the Irish Sea. So, you may think sending parcels to Ireland is simple. And while it’s not complicated, there are some things you need to know.

The way we send parcels to EU countries – including Ireland – is slightly different to domestic shipping. Find out everything you need to know about Shipping to Europe on our dedicated page.

Here are your key considerations before sending items to Ireland…

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Delivering to Ireland

Whether you’re sending letters or gifts to family and friends in Ireland or you’re a business shipping to Irish customers, we deliver your items safely and securely. 

PACK & SEND offers sea and air freight options to suit you and our reliable Express Delivery service gets your urgent parcels to Ireland at impressive speeds. 

Plus, iyou’re relocating from the UK to Ireland, we can help you get your belongings – from awkward or fragile items like paintings and ornaments to your furniture and valuables – from door to door without fuss. We’ll even help you pack your items, too, so they arrive in perfect condition. 

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Customs requirements when shipping to Ireland

Ireland is a member of the EU, so goods arriving at the country from the UK will be subject to the same customs rules and requirements as any other EU member state. 

This means customs documentation needs to be completed and import VAT and import duty will be charged in Ireland – rather than the UK – and paid by the receiver of the parcel. 

Senders must complete a commercial invoice. These simply require the sender to detail the contents of the package, describing its items and including their commodity code – which can be found online. 

Businesses will also need to register for an EORI number to ship to EU countries. This can be done easily online, too. 

‘Personal correspondence’ like letters and postcards are exempt from these customs requirements, though, so you can write to family and friends without the added hassle. 

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Keeping the Paper trail Intact

Are there shipping restrictions to Ireland?

Ireland’s import and export regulations are broadly similar to the UK’s – so, most items you can send and receive from the UK should be permitted in Ireland. 

However, for peace of mind, it’s worth checking Ireland’s dedicated restrictions page. And iyou’re still unsure, contact the Irish Tax and Customs office. 

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How to address parcels to Ireland

Addressing parcels to Ireland is almost identical to UK addresses. 

The only difference comes when sending packages to certain areas of Dublin or Cork. These cities have a 1- or 2-digit zone number, which should be written after the city. 

For example: 

John Smith
20 Pack Send Road
D01 1111

You can find the address’ zone code online. 

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Safe Contactless Delivery

The safe and secure service

PACK & SEND specialises in shipping valuable, fragile or awkward items from the UK to Ireland. Our expert team gets your packages from door to door safely and securely – and we’ll even pack your items for you if needed. 

We also offer comprehensive loss or damage cover – no matter the value of your goods – in case the worst happens unexpectedly. 

Get a quote for your shipment to Ireland by filling out a form or calling us on 0345 873 9990. 

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What items are prohibited to send to Ireland?

If you are sending goods to Ireland, it is important to be aware of potentially prohibited items for shipment. Prohibited items to Ireland include; seal pup skins, fake currency and weapons. A full list of prohibited goods can be found here – https://www.revenue.ie/en/customs-traders-and-agents/prohibitions-and-restrictions/index.aspx. Whilst these goods are prohibited for import, solutions can be found in some circumstances, contact your local service centre for more information.

What ways are there to get an item sent to Ireland?

Both road and air freight services are used to get your things to Ireland by PACK & SEND.

How long will my things take to reach Ireland?

2-3 days is the estimated time delivery can take to get to Ireland. This time however is not definitive and can deliveries can take subject to customs clearance.


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