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Packing & Shipping Boxes

All PACK & SEND service centres have a wide range of quality packaging goods for use in DIY packing and storage.

These goods are utilised by our expert packers to make sure your shipment is safe for delivery anywhere in the world. If you prefer to pack items yourself our high-quality packing products are also available for purchase in your nearest service centre.

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Moving and Storage Boxes

Corrugated cartons have many applications, from shipping and packaging to storage and archiving solutions. At PACK & SEND we offer an extensive range of stock sizes or "off the shelf" cartons. We also specialise in supplying customised boxes to your specification of size and strength. We have the flexibility and expertise to supply either a single customised box or quantities up to 10,000 boxes.

Can't judge exactly how many boxes you need? Don't worry. Buy as many boxes as you like and return any unused boxes to the service centre for a full refund.

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Boxes and packing

Bubble Wraps & Cushioning

For any items that need extra protection, we have a variety of different bubble wraps and supportive cushioning. Bubble wrap is also a useful filler used in packing which cushions items to prevent breakage.

Moving Kits

At PACK & SEND we stock complete ready-to-use moving kits which include the essential items for small, medium or large moves. Whether you are moving to another part of town, or a new country keeping your personal possessions and valuables safe in our custom removal cases and boxes.

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Bubble wrap

Wine and Bottle Packaging

Easy to use, safe and efficient packaging is available for the transport of glass bottles and wine.

Tapes & Accessories

We have the necessary tapes and accessories for your complete packaging needs. Select from brown or clear wrapping tape and high strength webbed tape to secure heavy boxes. We also supply permanent marker pens and packing knives.

PACK & SEND is your one-stop shop for packaging supplies. Our packing products provide:

  1. Quality; tried and tested products, which are long-lasting and serve their purpose.
  2. Safety; ensuring the safe transport of your items, preventing breakage and damage.
  3. Security; reducing the movement of your items during transport.
  4. Variety; a large range of packing supplies, available in a selection of different sizes to suit your needs.
  5. Price; great prices and specials are available through your nearest PACK & SEND service centre.
  6. Convenience; order packing products over the phone and arrange delivery or pick up from your closest service centre.
  7. Complete solution; including products and services for all your delivery requirements. Let PACK & SEND provide a quote for your packing and shipping needs today
  8. Exceptional customer service; staff on hand to advise you of the correct products for your needs.
  9. Quick and efficient; an easy and quick way to order packing supplies.
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What types of cartons do PACK & SEND have?

PACK & SEND offers a range of standard cartons.  These can be modified and extended as necessary.  We also make custom cartons of any size using a standard 6mm card or extra strong 15mm triwall card so all of our cartons will be perfectly sized to meet your needs.

Can you purchase boxes and cartons from PACK & SEND?

In PACK & SEND service centres we do sell an extensive range of packing equipment including boxes and cartons. Contact your nearest service centre to find out what packing equipment they can supply you with.

Do PACK & SEND offer storage for boxes and cartons?

If you have a shipment that is not quite ready to be sent or requires storage PACK & SEND can arrange this. Our service centres have secure storage facilities where your goods can be safely kept or we can also arrange local storage for goods too until they are ready to be shipped.


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