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Return Services & Reverse Logistics

If you run a business that deals with customer returns, you need to ensure that your returns procedure is as efficient as possible. Our expertise in packing and freight, as well as our growing network of service centres, enables us to provide cost-effective, face-to-face product returns services for your business. By running an efficient returns process, you can ensure that you are providing your customers with a high level of service.

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Efficient and Cost-Effective Returns Process

However, setting up your own returns process is a large investment in terms of both time and money. The answer is to make use of our expertise in logistics and packing to operate simple and hassle-free returns for your customers without having to establish your own costly network.

An effective returns process is important for building customer satisfaction, so let us handle your returns management to make the process easier and more efficient.

Returns Without Delays

With our product return services, we aim to process your returns as quickly as possible so that you can deal with the issue without experiencing any unnecessary delays. The faster and more efficient the service, the better it is for you and your customers. We can also assist you by sending out a replacement product if necessary, leading to a smooth and satisfactory process for everyone concerned.

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Returns for Items of All Shapes and Sizes

We provide highly flexible products return services, and can deal with numerous types of returns. Returns can be complex, but at PACK & SEND we simplify the procedure for you by specialising in a range of reverse logistics solutions, including:

  • Asset management and recovery
  • Returns of products purchased online
  • Warranty and repair returns
  • Drop ship returns
  • Off-lease equipment returns
  • Product recalls, subrogation and evidence recovery services

We also specialise in items that are large, bulky, fragile and valuable, so we can organise your returns safely, securely and rapidly whatever you are sending, including:

  • Complex equipment
  • Online products
  • IT equipment
  • Lab equipment
  • Antiques and valuable items
  • Damaged goods
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Parcel Drop-Off & Collection

At PACK & SEND, we understand that our customers are increasingly mobile and have unique needs in this fast-paced electronic age. That’s why our growing network of service centres provides convenient parcel collection points for both business and residential customers.

When it comes to reverse logistics, this network of service centres makes it even easier for your customers to collect and return items. You can find your nearest parcel drop off & location points here.

The Reverse Logistics Solution for Your Company

We have extensive experience dealing with reverse logistics for companies of all sizes, and we can assist you with your returns process no matter what industry you work in. Even if the items are typically large, awkward, fragile or even damaged, we will make sure that your returns process is as efficient as possible, saving you time and money and improving customer satisfaction.

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Hassle-free Door-to-door Delivery

Online Self-Service

PACK & SEND’s Online Self-Service makes returning goods easy! If you still have the original packaging for the goods you need to return or can re-package them using different materials then the service is perfect for you.

It is ideal for shipping small pre-packed goods to return them to nearly any destination in the world.

You get to manage the entire shipping process yourself and receive the benefit of a lower cost than the full PACK & SEND service.

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How do you help with returns?

If you have purchased something that you need to return or are a business needing to have goods sent back to you we can help. Our growing network of UK service centres can collect goods from any UK address and arrange for them to be safely packaged and returned to you.

Can you repackage items?

If you have goods you need to return but are without the original packaging, this isn’t a problem. We have teams of expert packers in our service centres who can repackage your items securely so they can be returned safely.

Does the item go back to the sender?

As long as the returns address has been provided we can send items directly back to their sender, no matter where they are.


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