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Home Worker IT Equipment Moves

Since the start of the Covid 19 pandemic, there has been a rise in people working from home and ‘hybrid working’. Businesses now need to navigate the complexities of transporting equipment to and from employees.

PACK & SEND specialise in the safe movement of IT equipment, offering a service for collection, bespoke packaging and shipping to businesses moving goods between the office and the home-office. No matter what equipment you need transferring we have a solution to help.

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Home Worker Equipment Collection

We have a growing network of service centres across the UK, meaning we can collect items from anywhere. And no matter how far your staff are from the office, our service centres can arrange the safe collection of any equipment employees may have at home but need moving to the office.

We can pack and transport any IT equipment or furniture, including but not limited to::

  • Computers, tablets and peripherals
  • Printers, scanners, ink and paper
  • Phones, cables and chargers
  • Files, laminators and office reference material
  • Desks, chairs and other office furniture
  • Power cables and adaptors

To arrange a collection, simply contact your local service centre today!

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PACK & SEND Collection

Home Worker Equipment Shipping Services

Our wide range of shipping options mean no matter where your equipment is heading, we have a solution to get it there – no destination is out of reach.

If you’re sending equipment to or from staff within the UK, our domestic shipping options are perfect for you. We can get things delivered as quick as same day from the point of dispatch, meaning your work doesn’t have to be put on hold.

As well as our domestic shipping options, we can also ship internationally. Our international shipping solutions enable us to send goods to any destination in the world. We offer both air and sea freight shipments to cater for your needs and our experts can advise on the best options for your situation.

We can even assist with importing additional supplies or equipment you may need to purchase from overseas as well, if required.

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Freight Ship at Sea

Specialist IT Packing

Perhaps your IT equipment is not new and missing its original box. This is where PACK & SEND can help. Our team of experts can safely and professionally package your equipment on-site when collecting it, or at your local service centre if you choose to drop it off.

Our wide range of packing solutions are designed to secure the most intricate or large items, meaning there is nothing we cannot pack. If desired, we can create custom boxes and crates to fit all your equipment, as well as providing secure packaging materials inside the boxes to protect against any damage during transit. Our boxes are also reusable if more movement is required.

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IT Packing

Loss or damage protection

At PACK & SEND, we recognise the value of electronic and  IT equipment goes way beyond the actual cost of the equipment itself and keeping it safe is an essential investment.  Not only do we use expert packing and cushioning techniques to keep your items safe, but we also offer loss or damage cover. This is available to protect any piece of homeworker equipment whilst in transit, regardless of its value.

Ask us about our Warranty Service, loss and damage cover.

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Where can you collect home worker equipment from?

Using our growing network of service centres, we can collect home worker equipment from any address in the UK. If goods are outside the UK, we can arrange for them to be imported. Contact your local service centre to arrange a collection today.

Are you able to package IT equipment for home workers?

If you or your home worker no longer possess the boxes for your IT equipment this is not a problem. Our service centres are experts at packaging a range of goods and can ensure that your equipment no matter how large, awkward, fragile or valuable it is, can be safely packed for shipment anywhere.

Where can PACK & SEND deliver goods?

Once goods have been safely packaged, we can send them to any destination in the world! No matter the size of your goods we have a solution to send them anywhere. To find out more contact your local service centre.


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