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Shipping to Cyprus from the UK

Are you looking to send internationally to Cyprus? PACK & SEND knows exactly what it takes to get your packages safely to any European or Mediterranean destination.

PACK & SEND has a stellar 30 years experience in specialist freight forwarding, door-to-door delivery services and international shipping. Boasting an extensive range of services, we’re the one-stop-shop for your shipping needs.
We’re experts in transporting large, awkward, and fragile goods – so, no package is too big or complicated to ship. Our experienced couriers make sure your packages arrive safely and securely, wherever the destination.

Here, you’ll find everything you need to consider when shipping goods to Cyprus – from how to address your package to customs requirements and import restrictions.

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PACK & SEND ship packages around the world to Cyprus daily.

We offer a broad array of shipping services that are tailor-fit to your needs. And our bespoke end-to-end tracking service lets you trace your package up to its delivery, so you’re always in the know.

Getting your precious cargo collected, packaged, and shipped is tough to manage remotely. Luckily, our shipping experts handle the entire process for you from start to finish, to save you the hassle.

So, if you’re planning a big move to Cyprus, shipping items to family in the region or jumpstarting an international business, PACK & SEND offers an unmatched range of secure packing and delivery solutions.

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As with any international deliveries, shipping to Cyprus from the UK requires additional checks, tariffs and regulations.

UK-based senders need to complete a commercial invoice to ship products. This formality helps Customs Officials tell whether imported items should be subject to import duties, and if so, how much they need to charge.

Find out how Brexit affects your shipping plans and all information around additional costs on our dedicated page. At PACK & SEND, we can sit down with you to build the best strategy to suit you and your cargo.

Some packages are exempt from customs charges – like personal effects and items intended as gifts, for example – provided they’re in line with Cyprus’ import regulations. Depending on the contents, packages may qualify for the Customs Duty and VAT-free allowance. Make sure you check the government website to find out if your contents are eligible for tax exemption.

Common mistakes include:

  • Not filling in the paperwork correctly (putting information in the wrong place or missing sections entirely).
  • Trying to send prohibited or restricted items.
  • Being vague or not giving enough detail – e.g., instead of writing ‘clothes’, state ‘2x men’s cotton shirts, made in England.’
  • Sending items without the correct licenses and certificates.

PACK & SEND understands the intricacies of European regional customs regulations, so we’re able to do the heavy lifting and minimise the risk of misplaced goods or seizure.

During transit, we’ll inform you of any customs clearance issues if they do arise. However, we will work with you before shipping to avoid any problems.

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Keeping the Paper trail Intact


The Cyprian government outlines what you can and can’t import and what restricted items can be brought in only under certain conditions.

Knowing these ahead of time is key to making sure your packages don’t run into trouble. So, be sure to double-check quantities of products and any licences for higher-risk products.

For example, the Cyprian government are tight on alcohol imports, with strict limits on quantities. Certain plants like wild fauna and flora are also prohibited, and certain breeds of dogs and birds require specific licenses before granted passage into Cyprus.

Check out the full list of prohibited and restricted imports to Cyprus before sending.

PACK & SEND is an expert in customs regulations and can run you through your shipping options to guarantee timely delivery and compliance. Speak to us for more information on the services we provide.

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Not all nations have the same format for shipping addresses, so be sure to use the correct layout to avoid your packages being returned to you.

In Cyprus, the full name goes on the first line, with the flat or house number and the road name on the second line.

The third line is reserved for the locality and the 4-digit postcode, while the nation name should be written on the fourth line.

It should look something like this:

Mr Dmitri Vasiliou
28 Oktovriou

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Safe Contactless Delivery


PACK & SEND values your packages and takes all precautions to guarantee safe delivery. However, PACK & SEND’s comprehensive loss or damage protection keeps you covered if the worst happens.

Getting a signature upon receipt is something we always try to do, too – which not all shipping companies can guarantee. This gives you peace of mind of safe delivery.

Get a bespoke online quote for delivery to Cyprus with PACK & SEND. Or for more information, contact one of our service centre specialists.

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What items are prohibited to send to Cyprus?

Just like any other country, Cyprus has a list of items that are prohibited from import into the country. These include; weapons, live animals and narcotics. A full list of all the restricted goods can be found here – https://www.mof.gov.cy/mof/customs/customs.nsf/All/0D56470143C54886C22572BF002D7648?OpenDocument. Whilst these goods are prohibited for import, solutions can be found in some circumstances, contact your local service centre for more information.

What ways are there to get an item sent to Cyprus?

Using PACK & SEND’s services we can transport goods to Cyprus by air freight. More information on this service can be found here – https://www.packsend.co.uk/business-solutions/international-freight-and-shipping/.

How long will my things take to reach Cyprus?

Shipping to Cyprus can take an estimated 4-5 working days. This is only an estimate however as with customs clearance delivery can take longer to arrive.


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