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Shipping services will often use the volumetric weight of a parcel to calculate shipping costs.

That’s why PACK & SEND has created a handy volumetric weight calculator, to take the hassle out of calculating the dimensional weight of your parcel.

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Volumetric Weight Calculator


The final volumetric weight for your package will be influenced by the shipping service used and this range shows the top and bottom values for the dimensions entered. The weight calculation used can be clarified by the Service Centre during the estimate process.

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What is volumetric weight?

Volumetric weight – also known as dimensional weight – is the measure of the density of a package. The figure is used by couriers and shipping services, so they know how much to charge for a shipment. The higher value out of the actual weight and volumetric weight of the parcel is what will be used to calculate the shipping charge.

This is so shippers can make consignments cost-effective. Charging by actual weight can make the shipment of large but lightweight items unsustainable.

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Calculating volumetric weight

To calculate the volumetric metric weight of a given parcel or crate, simply multiply together the length (the longest side), width and height of a parcel in metres, then multiply the figure by 200 or 250 – this conversion figure differs by shipping service but our calculator shows both results as a range.

For example:

There’s a 20kg parcel that measures 60cm x 80cm x 50cm.

The actual weight is 20kg however, the volumetric weight is 48kg – 60kg, as (0.6×0.8×0.5) x 200 = 48.

Depending on the dimensions of your parcel, you may find that its volumetric weight exceeds that of its actual weight – especially if the contents are light. So, if you’re looking to roughly estimate shipping charges ahead of time, don’t forget to calculate both the actual and volumetric weights.

Simply enter the length, width and height of your parcel into PACK & SEND’s volumetric weight calculator to help you work out its dimensional weight.


Shipping with PACK & SEND

Short on time or rather avoid the hassle?

No problem; PACK & SEND can handle the whole shipping process for you, from home collection to doorstep delivery. They only need the item dimensions to give you a comprehensive estimate without you having to calculate anything.

If you’re having trouble getting your package shipped – or if it’s a sizeable package proving to be a logistical challenge – our extensive range of shipping and packaging services help you get any package safely to its destination.

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