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Shipping to Poland from the UK

Are you looking to send parcels to Poland? Whether it’s delivery to the historical heartland of Poland – Krakow – or the picturesque rural backdrop of eastern Poland, PACK & SEND knows what it takes to deliver your package safely and on time.

PACK & SEND has 30 years experience in freight forwarding, international shipping, and door-to-door packing and delivery services. With a track record like this, you can trust us to handle any shipping challenges.

Whether it’s fragile, large or valuable items, no package is too awkward. So, you can relax knowing PACK & SEND will get your goods to Poland in perfect condition.

Here, you’ll find everything you need to know when shipping to Poland – from how to address your package to customs requirements and import restrictions.

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PACK & SEND offers a range of packing and shipping services to suit you – including air and sea freight options – so, we’re here for all your international shipping needs. We also provide bespoke end-to-end tracking, so you’ll never miss an update.

Many of us have family and friends based abroad and getting sentimental goods over to them safely is a priority. PACK & SEND takes care of the whole process for you, including collection, expert packing and doorstep delivery.

If you’re shipping goods to loved ones or kickstarting an international business venture, PACK & SEND offers an exceptional range of courier options and talk you through the best strategy for your items.

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When shipping goods to Poland, there are two sets of customs regulations to consider. Poland not only has its own import regulations but there are also those imposed by the EU.

Packages from the UK are subject to extra checks, tariffs and regulations when entering the EU. UK senders will need to complete customs documentation to ship products – and when you work with PACK & SEND, we’ll provide a commercial invoice and even help you complete it.

These forms let Customs Officials know the contents of a package so they can apply the correct charges at the border.

Items like personal effects and packages intended as gifts are usually exempt from customs charges – provided they’re in line with Poland’s import regulations. Make sure you’re not missing out on Customs Duty and VAT-free allowances by following government guidelines.

Some common mistakes include:

· Not filling in the paperwork correctly (putting information in the wrong place or missing sections entirely)

· Trying to send prohibited or restricted items

· Being too vague or not providing enough detail on your items – e.g., instead of just stating ‘gifts’, provide additional detail, like ‘oak photo frame with family picture’

· Sending items without the relevant licenses and certificates

You can trust in PACK & SEND’s stellar service history to make sure your packages are nationally and EU-compliant.

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Keeping the Paper trail Intact


Every country has its own unique regulations and restricted imports. It’s important to understand these before attempting to send your items internationally, or they may get delayed or rejected.

To avoid this, make sure you know what can be imported, in what quantities and what is restricted.

For example, Poland’s import restrictions include a limit of up to 10kg on meat products. Certain textiles and jewellery items are also prohibited.

If you’re still unsure about whether your items are permitted for import to Poland, contact the Polish postal service directly or work with an international courier service.

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Mistakes are common when filling in international addresses – so it’s important to know how to address domestic mail to Poland to avoid potential mix-ups or delays.

When shipping to Poland, the receiver’s name should appear on the first line and the street address should be written on the second line.

The third line is reserved for the postal code – which should be a 5-digit number – and the locality. The country name should be written on the fourth line.

For example:

Jan Kowalski UL. Bosmanska 1 81-116 GYDNIA Poland

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Safe Contactless Delivery


At PACK & SEND, we have a proven track record of delivering parcels to Poland safely and securely. Whether you need support packing fragile or awkward items, or simply need to get your pre-packed items shipped to Poland, we’re here to help.

We will always strive to get a signature upon arrival of the package, too – which not all couriers offer.

It’s crucial to make sure your package is protected. While our service centre experts use best-in-class packing techniques, PACK & SEND’s comprehensive loss or damage cover offers extra peace of mind if the worst happens. Contact us today for more information on secure shipping to Poland.

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What items are prohibited to send to Poland?

If you are shipping goods to Poland, it is important to take into account goods that are restricted for import, these include alcohol, jewellery and ivory. It is important to find a full list of restricted goods to make sure what you are sending is permitted for import. Whilst these goods are prohibited for import, solutions can be found in some circumstances, contact your local service centre for more information.

What ways are there to get an item sent to Poland?

The freight services we offer for deliveries to Poland are air and road freight.

How long will my things take to reach Poland?

When shipping to Poland we estimate that delivery will take an estimated 3-4 working days. This estimate however is not definitive as a result of customs clearance delivery times can change.







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