Removals To And From The USA

Relocating can be a challenge, particularly with all the logistical arrangements required to transport belongings from one office or home to another.
This challenge can become almost unmanageable if international shipping is involved.

Fortunately, there are methods to simplify aspects of international shipping, and our seasoned experts at PACK & SEND have valuable advice to share.

Our advice will help a seamless transition when moving to global destinations such as the United States.

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PACK & SEND Hall Green

Alexander Boardman

Always professional and full of experience. A special shout-out to Dave who in particular is always punctual and does packing to a very high standard. Thank you Click box for more

PACK & SEND Harrow

Vidya Srinivasan

We shipped multiple suitcases from London to USA and used PACK & SEND at Harrow. It was such an easy process and the staff there are very helpful. It was delivered right on time and without any hassles. Highly recommend this location for shipping needs Click box for more

PACK & SEND Edinburgh East


Gary was possibly one of the nicest people I've ever spoken with. Our package was delivered quicker than we expected back to the states from Edinburgh. It was more expensive than I thought, but it probably costs a lot to do Click box for more

PACK & SEND Hammersmith

Charles Horton

Many thanks to the team at PACK & SEND (Hammersmith), who really pulled out the stops to get my delivery to me under a tight time frame. They kept me informed all the way from collection, packing and delivery and even followed up afterwards. A great service and excellent customer relations. Many thanks to all of you Click box for more

PACK & SEND Oxford

Rahul Prasad

I couldn't be happier with the assistance provided by PACK & SEND Oxford. They were prompt, efficient and went out of their way to help collect, package and send some items to Australia. Highly recommended. Many thanks again. Click box for more

PACK & SEND Spitalfields

Christelle Hafstad

My experience with PACK & SEND Spitalfields has been excellent. I shipped fine art from London to Italy and PACK & SEND Spitalfields crated these frames, completed all the customs declaration and followed through to ensure that I received my shipment in time. The customer service and care from PACK & SEND is top notch Click box for more

PACK & SEND Bristol West

L Graham Smith

Used PACK & SEND to transport a model ship built by my dad from UK to Canada. They custom built a crate, picked up the ship and delivered to my home in Canada. Impeccable service and easy to communicate with. Just brilliant Click box for more

PACK & SEND Croydon

Patricio Lynch

One of the best packings that I have ever received. Very detailed oriented. Very carefully packaged. And prompt delivery. Great service Click box for more

PACK & SEND Glasgow City

Ali Ertugrul

Many thanks to Malcolm and his team for their great service. They picked up the items, packed and delivered them to our customer on time and without any problem. They notified me in every step. I recommend their service to other customers Click box for more

PACK & SEND Leeds North

Susan Farrugia

It was a very pleasing experience dealing with PACK & SEND Leeds North. Items were well packed and received in good time. I found the lady that answers the phone to be very helpful and I will defiantly use their service again Click box for more

PACK & SEND Reading

Luka Pro

The best company ever. This company help me to bring my pictures to my home no damage Brilliant delivery and thanks to Craig Who help me with organising for delivery, friendly and responsibility for everything. Thanks to all team PACK & SEND ReadingClick box for more

PACK & SEND Richmond Park

Mark Waterfield

PACK & SEND helped me a lot when sending a valuable artwork overseas. I thoroughly recommend them for this service. Worth the extra for the peace of mind and professional approach. Do NOT trust the low end courier services when sending art through the post - I learnt that lesson the hard way Click box for more

PACK & SEND Salford Quays

Pete Marsh Art

I used PACK & SEND Salford Quays to ship artwork to and from USA previously and I was extremely happy with their service. More recently I sent two paintings to USA and PACK & SEND were excellent. If you want artwork packed and sent across the world safely and securely then I would strongly recommend PACK & SEND Click box for more

PACK & SEND Lincoln

Harry Rogers

John and the team at the Lincoln office were very helpful, and my fragile item was very well packaged. They take great care and I am pleased that I used PACK & SEND Click box for more

PACK & SEND Camberley


Their service is great. Their staff Mr Philippe was very friendly and good in explaining. I was able to send my guitar to Malaysia at a reasonable price and quickly as well. Would highly recommend their services Click box for more


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Why Choose Us for Removals?

PACK & SEND offers several benefits that make us the perfect company for international removals to the US:

  • Comprehensive Services: We offer a diverse array of international shipping and courier solutions. Our team specialises in the handling and safeguarding of fragile, oversized, irregularly shaped or high-value items throughout the transportation process.
  • Varied Packing Solutions: PACK & SEND provides comprehensive packing services, encompassing an array of options such as boxes, cartons, palletised shipping crates, and tailored packaging solutions for specialised items, including fine art, antiques, bicycles, motorcycles and more.
  • Coverage to the US: The United States is one of the international destinations we serve. We possess extensive experience and expertise in managing shipments to and from the US, including navigating the necessary customs documentation and regulations.
  • Loss & Damage Cover: We provide loss and damage coverage for shipments. This makes sure that in the event of any unexpected incidents or accidents occurring during transit, users can have financial safeguards in place to protect the value of items.
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PACK & SEND Removals

How Long Will It Take to Ship?

The transit times for shipments to the United States can vary based on various factors, such as the selected shipping method, the origin point of the shipment, the nature of the goods being transported and any customs or clearance processes that may be required.

As a general guideline, international shipments, including those destined for the US, can span a range from a few days to several weeks.

For customers seeking express or expedited shipping services, delivery to the United States may be achieved within approximately 2 to 5 business days. This accelerated option typically carries a higher associated cost.

Conversely, standard shipping methods, like air freight or sea freight, tend to have longer transit times, often ranging from 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the specific location and logistical considerations.

It’s important to note that these timeframe estimates are approximate and may be subject to variation based on the unique circumstances of each shipment.

Factors such as customs inspections, unforeseen delays or remote delivery destinations can potentially impact the overall shipping duration.

Freight Ship at Sea

Visa information

When shipping parcels from the UK to the US, it’s important to consider customs regulations and any applicable visa requirements. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • Goods valued under $800 USD generally do not require any special documentation or visas for the recipient in the USA.
  • For goods valued over $800 USD, the recipient in the USA may need to provide a valid ID and complete customs clearance paperwork, but no specific visa is required.
  • Certain regulated or restricted items like alcohol, tobacco, firearms, etc. may have additional documentation requirements.
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Moving Abroad Checklist

While we take care of all the details for transporting your packages from the UK to the US, it’s important to consider these additional steps for a stress-free journey:

  • Double Check Documents: Keep a folder filled with essential paperwork, including birth and marriage certificates and proof of income.
  • Apply For a Visa: It’s important to properly research visa applications for the US and pick the type of visa that suits your situation the best.
  • Residency Requirements: Below are several appropriate criteria that must be gained to be eligible to move to the US.
    • Visa/Immigration Status: The primary requirement is obtaining a valid visa that allows you to live and work in the US, such as a work visa, student visa, family-sponsored visa, or investment/entrepreneur visa. The specific visa requirements depend on your circumstances.
    • Temporary Accommodations: When first arriving in the US, many people opt to stay in temporary housing like hotels, Airbnbs, or short-term rentals while they search for a more permanent place to live.
    • Rental Properties: You can rent an apartment, house, or other property without having an established US residency. Landlords may require proof of income, employment, or a security deposit, but a prior US address is not always mandatory.
    • Buying a Home: Purchasing a house or condo is also possible without a previous US address, though it may be more challenging to get a mortgage as a non-resident. Making a cash purchase can be an option.
    • Address Establishment: Many new arrivals will use the address of a relative, friend, or temporary accommodation as their initial US address for things like driver’s licenses, bank accounts, etc. until they find a permanent residence.
  • Book Removals with PACK & SEND: Remember to get a quote and contact one of our removal experts to organise the shipping of goods to US from the UK within an appropriate timeframe.
  • Speak to a Doctor: If you have any recurring prescriptions, it’s important to ask for a three-month supply from the doctor to give you the time to register with a new pharmacy in the US.
  • Take Care of Any Pets: Make sure your pets are seen by a veterinarian to get vaccinated and buy a comfortable pet carrier for transportation.
  • Prioritise Goods: It’s important to sell or donate any items you won’t need to save space and money having to transport clutter that you haven’t used in a while.
  • Consider Timezones: The time zone difference between the UK and the United States varies by up to 8 hours, with the UK being ahead, depending on the specific location within each country. This is an important consideration when scheduling deliveries between the two regions, as the East Coast of the US is typically 5 hours behind the UK, while the West Coast is 8 hours behind.
  • US Emergency Services: In the US, emergency services can be reached by dialling 911 for police, fire department, or ambulance. This nationwide emergency number provides direct access to local emergency response teams, enabling prompt assistance in critical situations.
Moving to America

How Easy Is It to Move to the US?

Moving to the US can be a complex process, with visa requirements and documentation needs varying significantly based on individual circumstances. The ease of relocation depends on factors like employment, family ties, or investment status, but generally requires significant planning and preparation.

Can I Send Furniture to the US?

It is possible to send furniture to the US, but the process has some requirements. Furniture shipments may be subject to customs duties and inspections. Proper documentation, packaging and insurance are recommended to ensure a smooth and successful furniture transport to the United States.

Can a British Citizen Move to the US Permanently?

British citizens can move to the US permanently through various visa pathways, such as family-sponsored, employment-based, or investment/entrepreneur programs. The process involves obtaining the appropriate visa, meeting eligibility criteria, and navigating the immigration system. However, permanent relocation requires thorough planning and preparation.

What Items Are Prohibited to Send to the US?

The United States prohibits the importation of certain items, including fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and dairy products, plants and plant products, illegal drugs, firearms, and products made from endangered wildlife. Hazardous materials, counterfeit goods and items subject to import quotas are also restricted. Declaring all goods accurately is crucial when shipping to the US.

What Ways Are There To Get an Item Sent to the US?

When sending your things to the US there are two methods PACK & SEND can use to transport your goods. We offer both sea and air freight services – for more information on this, read about out our international freight and shipping services.

How Long Will My Things Take to Reach the US?

The transit time for shipments to the United States can vary significantly depending on the shipping method, origin location, and distance. Typical delivery timelines range from 5-10 business days for express services to 4-8 weeks for economy sea freight. Exact transit times should be confirmed with the chosen shipping provider.


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