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International Shipping & Freight Forwarding

At PACK & SEND we specialise in international shipping. We’ll also professionally pack your items to ensure they are safe and secure. And our comprehensive loss and damage protection offers you peace of mind - regardless of the value of your goods!

PACK & SEND have been delivering items around the world for nearly 30 years. With our broad range of worldwide transportation solutions, we’ll organise the delivery of any item to any location worldwide.

Maybe you are shipping goods to the USA, delivering stock to China, need a sensitive shipment to Australia, want to import something from Hong Kong or deliver to somewhere closer to home. PACK & SEND will have a solution for you no matter how fragile, large, awkward or valuable your items may be.

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Packing Services for International Shipping from UK

Our specialist international packing service is ideal if you are unsure about how best to pack your difficult items, including large, fragile, valuable and awkward items.

If you have an international antique shipment, for example, and you want to ensure that it arrives in excellent condition during transit, we can construct a tailor-made wooden crate or even use our Foam-In-Place system which can withstand the rigours of international freight by creating a contoured cushion of foam to support your fragile items.


If you need to arrange overseas courier delivery, you can trust PACK & SEND to get your item to its destination anywhere in the world.

Our wide range of international shipping options, combined with our expert packing service, means you can enjoy a safe and competitively-priced international delivery service, whatever your item and wherever its destination.

Packing Solutions
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Our main international shipping solutions include:

Air Freight: Our international logistics solutions include a wide range of air freight services to meet the needs of our customers. Whether you require our International Express Parcel Courier service for urgent international delivery to virtually anywhere in the world, or our consolidation service for heavy-weight items to all the major airports around the world, we provide exporters with reliable and cost-effective air transportation.

Sea Freight: When rapid international shipping is not a necessity and you want to send heavyweight or bulky items overseas economically, sea freight may be the answer. We specialise in Less than a Container Load (LCL) shipments where we consolidate your consignment with other international shipments. Delivery can be door-to-door or door-to-port.

International Express: This international courier service is ideal if you have more time to spare and the product is of lower value. An economical alternative to our International Express Parcel Courier service, this competitively-priced option is ideal for shipping small or lower value items such as CDs, videos, books, clothes and gifts. It has a transit time of between 7 and 12 days, and we can send items to any postal address in the world.

Letter Mail: This service is ideal for printed matters, such as annual shareholder reports, magazines or a direct mail marketing campaign. It is suitable whether you are sending a thousand documents or simply a single item.

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'PACK & SEND was chosen because of their specialist experience in transporting fragile, large and valuable items – especially internationally. Their experience together with their highly flexible and personal service meant that we knew the items would be in good hands.'

Terry Madden, Wyles Hardy
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At PACK & SEND we understand that moving items abroad is often complicated. We are here to make it as easy as possible for you. We’ll help with shipping paperwork and customs forms, which are required when shipping internationally. Although we cannot guarantee how long an item will take to clear customs, we can advise on typical times for this in many countries.

To find out more about our support with customs clearance, or to get a quote for your shipment abroad, contact your local service centre now or complete a quick estimate request form.

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Our growing network of service centres can arrange for any item to be packed securely and shipped to virtually any international destination. We can arrange to collect from your home, office or other location. We even have our comprehensive Warranty Cover which can provide loss and damage protection from start to finish giving you peace of mind, regardless of the value of your items.

Our international courier service aims to make any international shipments easy. We provide a complete door-to-door service and handle the tracking and management of the shipment until it arrives safely at its destination. The many customer testimonials that we have received demonstrate how easy we make things for you.

Don’t have nightmares trying to arrange an international shipment for yourself or your family. Simply contact your nearest PACK & SEND service centre and let us take care of everything for you.

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Where can you ship goods internationally?

PACK & SEND have the facilities to ship goods anywhere in the world! This is only after the items have been packaged though, PACK & SEND offer a wide range of packing solutions to ensure your goods survive shipment or alternatively you can pack the items yourself.

What ways are there to ship goods internationally?

Goods can be shipped internationally via air or sea by PACK & SEND with road freight also being used in some rare circumstances.

How long can it take to ship goods internationally?

The transit times, after despatch, for international delivery can range from one day (European air) to 14 weeks (Pacific Sea destinations) depending on what you are shipping and the means of transit.  International transit times are always dependent on customs clearance.

Can you pack goods to survive international shipment?

In our service centres, we have expert packers who can safely package any good to survive shipment no matter how fragile or awkward it is. If you want to find out more about how we can pack your items and how much this service might cost, get in contact with your local PACK & SEND service centre.

Do you offer support with customs requirements and forms?

We offer full support and advice with both export and import customs documentation.

What can you send internationally?

PACK & SEND can arrange for the shipment of anything internationally as long as it is legal and packed. If it is unpacked, we can safely pack it in any of our services centres in the UK and then ship it anywhere in the world.







PACK & SEND Croydon

David Benedek

Best shipping experience I’ve had so far. And by far. Incredibly friendly and swift communication and everything arrived on time and was packaged so thorough and with attention to detail. Thanks a lot... Click box for more

PACK & SEND Elephant & Castle

Kristina Messerschmidt

Excellent service, always friendly, fair prices, quick response time and the team goes above and beyond for their customers. We are happy to be working together with such an amazing business and can highly recommend their professional service... Click box for more

PACK & SEND Camberley

Jess Gong

I used PACK & SEND to get a large (awkward shaped!) parcel from the UK to Denmark. I found the company to be really helpful and friendly - giving me lots of options of the best way to send. I would highly recommend... Click box for more

PACK & SEND Glasgow City

Win Aung

PACK & SEND Glasgow City is the most amazing company ever!! I have been worried and stressed about my shipment with super fragile items. What a lovely service I have received from Pack & Send! Thank you is not enough words, especially Malcolm and Ainslee... Click box for more

PACK & SEND Edinburgh East

Eric S

Wonderful to work wit h them! My items arrived very well packed and in a swift manner. They are cheerful, thorough, and professional. Highly recommended!

PACK & SEND Harrow

Ivan Kinsman

Couldn't have had a better experience transporting my portrait picture from England to Poland. Efficient, polite and fast responses and simplification of the necessary paperwork - this is a great courier company... Click box for more

PACK & SEND Spitalfields

Ada Phoenix

Great service & communication from Julian. The delivery was super fast, the items were safe in the packaging & it was all stress-free. Thank you so much. I will definitely be using PACK & SEND in Spitalfields to send away paintings & packages again... Click box for more

PACK & SEND Hammersmith

Haley Vickers

Amazing service here. Picked up my painting same day and did a quick less and 24h turnaround for pick up. Really amazing communication and execution. Look no further... Click box for more

PACK & SEND Lincoln

Richard Greaves

A delicate antique was shipped abroad from the UK. The packing, the service, the shipping, in fact, everything went very well. Pack & Send personnel were responsive and helpful at all times. I highly recommend them... Click box for more

PACK & SEND Reading

Chris Dale

PACK & SEND did an excellent job sending something fragile and special. Everything from their packing materials to their customer service was high class. I definitely would use them again... Click box for more

PACK & SEND Salford Quays

David Thorogood

My four items recently purchased at auction, were collected, and very professionally packed, prior to being quickly shipped to me. I was very pleased with the service that I received and would not hesitate to recommend PACK & SEND Salford Quays... Click box for more

PACK & SEND Bristol West

Frances Bildner

PACK & SEND Bristol West is fantastic. Service is always excellent prompt and reliable. Ian who manages my shipments is really personable and helpful. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Highly recommended... Click box for more

PACK & SEND Hall Green

Lyn Green

I am very pleased with the service. It was easy and straightforward to organise. I was able to adjust the delivery date so I was home to collect it. I got a follow-up email to check everything arrived as expected. Highly satisfactory service, thank you very much... Click box for more

PACK & SEND Newbury

Leopold Deliss

I buy at auction a lot, and very often the fly in the ointment is the packing and posting, but PACK & SEND made sure the ointment was smooth as can be! and I would certainly recommend Ann's friendly efficiency... Click box for more

PACK & SEND Cambridge

67 Cuda

They are very professional and super polite. I buy a lot of stuff from the auctions and ship them to Germany they deliver every time and get only better and better. I get the package faster from England than when I ship something here inside Germany. Keep up the good work guys... Click box for more


If you want to talk to somebody about your specialist packaging and delivery requirements, call us on 0345 873 999 0

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At PACK & SEND we know how important it is for you to reach all your international destinations via a single service provider.

We provide a wide range of options for your international shipping solutions to ensure that you can always find the service you need depending on the package that you need to send overseas.

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PACK & SEND are truly the experts when it comes to custom packaging and crating those fragile, large, awkward and valuable items like computers, servers, artworks and antiques.

We specialise in accessing the right type of packaging for any item and using all other resources available to protect your shipment.

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We take every care to make sure that your items stay safe during transit.

However, for complete peace of mind when you send your shipments domestically or internationally, we provide Warranty Service protection to cover you for loss or damage to your important shipments

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