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Specialist Packing

At PACK & SEND, we provide specialist packing for art and antiques no matter what items you need to send overseas.

We have many years of experience packing and sending art, antiques and collectibles all over the world, always making sure that even the most delicate and valuable deliveries travel securely so that they remain in perfect condition throughout transit.

Ensuring valuable items are securely packed for shipping and transport is a service that we can provide no matter what the size or shape of your items. So now you can send your art and antiques to any destination in the world with complete peace of mind.

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Specialist Packing for Art & Antiques: Boxes, Cases & Crates

For art and antique specialist packing and safe delivery in boxes, cases and crates, we can provide you with a complete service at PACK & SEND. There are certain items that should always be packed in a wooden crate or case in order to withstand the rigours of the freight environment, and our highly trained UK staff will be able to advise on whether we recommend this for your item.

Our wall mounted injection cradle is flexible enough to mean that any item of any size or shape can be protected using this protective packaging technique. You have no need to worry anymore about packing or shipping anything fragile!

Ask for Foam-In-Place packaging to ensure you and your customers have total ‘peace-of-mind’.

Tailor-Made Wooden Crates

The specialist packing of art and antiques is one of our key services at PACK & SEND. We build tailor-made wooden crates using either medium density fibreboard, plywood or oriented strand board, depending upon the nature of the item, its destination and the freight environment in which it will be shipped.

Wooden crates provide additional protection from compaction, and they also make larger items of framed artwork or fragile pieces of art more rigid. This protection will give you peace of mind when shipping fragile, awkward or valuable works of art, antiques or collectables.

We also have a large range of corrugated cartons and boxes available, all of which have varying board strengths, to meet the packaging and protection needs of your item whilst in transit.

Custom-Made Boxes and Cartons

When it comes to specialist packing for art and antiques, we provide complete security for your fragile deliveries. If we don’t have the packing box on hand to suit your job, we’ll custom-make one. We can make a one-off corrugated carton or box to a specified size and strength, and all of our cartons are glued and taped at the seams to provide additional strength in the freight environment during shipping.

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Try Our Foam-In-Place System

At PACK & SEND, we can also provide you with our unique Foam-In-Place system. This state-of-the-art packaging system is ideal for art and antique dealers, galleries and collectors who need to send artworks or antiques abroad.

The system involves a safe, non-reactive material being injected into a carton or crate to form a contoured cradle around the item. This means your valuable item rides in a thick, contoured cushion of aerated foam, providing excellent protection against shocks, vibrations and compaction for your goods in transit.

Using this system, we can provide you with a valuable arts pack that is specially designed for secure transport.

Our wall-mounted injection cradle is flexible enough to mean that any item of any size or shape can be protected using this protective art packaging technique. In addition, the ultra-light weight of Foam-In-Place packaging means that your freight and shipping costs are kept to a minimum.

Ask for Foam-In-Place packaging to ensure you and your clients have total peace of mind when sending art and antiques overseas.

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By ensuring that your valuable items are securely packed for shipping, at PACK & SEND we can provide you with complete peace of mind whenever you send items abroad.

Whether you require our crate service, or you want to take advantage of our Foam-In-Place system for supreme security during transit, we will provide you with the full packing service that you need.

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Do PACK & SEND offer a packing service for shipments?

PACK & SEND offers a packing service for all our shipments. In our service centres, we have teams of expert packers who have been trained to safely pack any item using our vast range of packing solutions.

Do PACK & SEND offer storage for packed and unpacked items?

PACK & SEND will safely store your unpacked items for a short time while awaiting packing.  If you have a packed shipment that is not quite ready to be sent our service centres have secure storage facilities where your goods can be safely kept for a few days.  If you need goods to be held for longer we can also arrange longer term secure local storage until they are ready to be shipped.

Do PACK & SEND offer loss and damage cover for crate and pallet shipments?

At PACK & SEND we offer optional comprehensive loss and damage cover for all items regardless of their value. Full cover applies only to goods that have been packed and shipped by PACK & SEND and cannot be offered as a product for goods that are being shipped by a third party.  For pre-packed and customer packed goods being shipped by PACK & SEND we can offer loss-only cover.  Contact your nearest service centre to find out how they can organise this for your shipment and what it will cost.


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