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Shipping to Russia

Do you need to arrange international shipping to Russia? At PACK & SEND we can deliver your valuable, fragile or over-sized packages to anywhere from Moscow to Siberia.

International shipping to Russia has a number of challenges, from strict import requirements to extreme weather conditions. But our long experience sending all manner of items to Russia puts us ahead of the game for commercial deliveries. Our customers return time after time because they know that we can always deliver.

Here you can see all the things you need to consider when shipping to Russia, from paperwork requirements to customs duties and taxes.

For businesses and individuals arranging commercial deliveries into Russia, PACK & SEND provides a reliable, fast and cost-effective service.

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Shipping to Russia: From Moscow to Siberia

Sending items to Russia is a real challenge due to the sheer size and geographic diversity of the country. Russia stretches from the borders of Eastern Europe to the border of Alaska, and much of the northern regions are inhospitable. Freezing weather conditions can affect transport, and this can often affect shipping.

It is for these reasons that you need to use a courier service you can trust when sending commercial packages to Russia.

At Pack & Send we send items all over Russia, and we specialise in fragile, large and awkward deliveries. So whether you need to send an item to Moscow, Saint Petersburg or anywhere else, we will make sure it gets to its destination in perfect condition.

Deliveries to Russia: We Help with Customs & Import Requirements

When you arrange a delivery to Russia, customs and import requirements can be challenging. Negotiating the requirements can be complicated and it can take a long time to find basic information. You may even need to contact various government offices to find out about particular import requirements.

Because of our extensive experience arranging commercial deliveries from UK to Russia we can advise you on customs and import requirements and we can help to make your order as simple as possible.

If you have any doubts about sending things to Russia then let us help you. We also provide a secure packing service and can arrange to pick up your package from your home or office to make the process even more convenient for you.

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Sending Items to Russia with Pack & Send is Simple

For all of your large, valuable, awkward or fragile deliveries to Russia, trust Pack & Send to get your packages to their destinations quickly and safely.

Sending packages to Russia may have its challenges, but we make the whole process as simple as possible. We can help you to pack difficult items, we can pick your delivery up at your home and we will also track it the entire length of its journey until it arrives safely at its destination.

On top of all that we also provide excellent rates so that you get to enjoy a convenient and secure delivery service without paying over the odds.

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