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Shipping to Russia from the UK

* As of 28/02/2022 ALL shipments to and from Russia have been suspended until further notice *

Russian Shipping Notice

As of 28/02/2022 ALL shipments to and from Russia have been suspended until further notice.

Stay alert for future updates on this page when this is subject to change.

While our Russian shipping services are currently unavailable, we still offer effortless international shipping to almost any other destination. Our packing and shipping experts boast over 30 years of experience delivering around the world, giving you the ultimate peace of mind. We offer the safe delivery of your large, awkward or fragile items, anywhere.

Russia Shipping Notice

Delivery to Russia

PACK & SEND takes the hassle out of delivering to Russia. We offer air and sea freight services – plus express delivery for urgent parcels – so, there’s a safe and secure solution for any cargo.

We’ll even manage the whole process for you, from the personal collection of your valuable items to expert packing and doorstep delivery in Russia. And our end-to-end tracking platform means you can follow your package’s journey, for added peace of mind.

If you’re looking to ship to overseas customers in Russia, or you’re planning a Sochi ski trip and need a hand transporting your kit, get in touch with us today.

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Customs considerations when shipping to Russia

Russia is notoriously strict when it comes to regulating imports. Like all international shipments, deliveries to Russia require customs documents to be completed – but checks are especially stringent at the Russian border.

Whatever you’re looking to send, you’ll need to complete a commercial invoice. When you work with a courier service like PACK & SEND, we’ll provide this document and work with you to make sure they meet Russian requirements.

These documents must be completed thoroughly, with no abbreviations and full detail about the items you’re importing. This means including personal details about the sender as well as a complete description of the items – from their colour, size and weight to their exact value.

For example, you can’t simply write ‘clothes’. Instead, write ‘red t-shirt, men’s size large, 56x72cm, 500 grams, made in England’.

Russia offers duty-free imports on packages valued below EUR 200 and weighing less than 31kg. The receiver will pay a charge on anything above these limits.

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Keeping the Paper trail Intact

What can I send to Russia?

Given the strict regulations around Russian imports, it’s important to check your items are permitted before sending them. Otherwise, they may be destroyed at the border or returned to you at a charge.

All personal effects – apart from documents – are banned from import to Russia from the UK, and only business and commercial imports are currently allowed.

When sending business or commercial items to Russia, note that some products are strictly prohibited, while you’ll need special permission for other items.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Certain foods, including meat, dairy and fruit products
  • Certain artwork and commercial products

If you’re still unsure about your items, contact your courier provider or the Russian postal service.

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Addressing mail to Russia

When sending commercial items to customers in Russia, follow the country’s local addressing guidelines. They’re similar to the domestic UK addressing format.

The receiver’s name goes on the first line, with the street address on the second line. The city goes on the third line, with a 6-digit postcode on the fourth line.

In rural areas of Russia, you may need to include a district and province, too.

For example:

Mr Ivan Ivanov
Sergeya Makeeva St, 16

However, as personal effects are banned from import to Russia, you’ll likely need to include a business address.

This should like something like the following:

Mr Ivan Ivanov, Gazprom Zarubezhneftegaz
Nametkina St, 16

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Safe Contactless Delivery

Effortless international delivery with PACK & SEND

PACK & SEND are the international shipping experts. Our 25 years’ experience shipping around Europe means we understand what it takes to deliver valuable or sentimental goods safely, anywhere.

However, our comprehensive cover offers extra protection in case the worst happens – insuring your items against loss or damage in transit.

Get a bespoke online quote for delivery to Russia today.

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What items are prohibited to send to Russia?

Items that are prohibited to be sent to Russia include; alcohol, cosmetics and commercial art. A full list of all the restricted goods can be found here – http://crossborder.fedex.com/us/assets/prohibited-restricted/russia/index.shtml. Whilst these goods are prohibited for import, solutions can be found in some circumstances, contact your local service centre for more information.

What ways are there to get an item sent to Russia?

Shipping to Russia can be done only through air freight with PACK & SEND’s services. For more information about how we can offer this service contact your local PACK & SEND service centre – https://www.packsend.co.uk/find-a-service-centre/.

How long will my things take to reach Russia?

Subject to customs clearance the time it takes to ship items to Russia can be unpredictable but from experience PACK & SEND can offer an estimate for delivery time. We estimate that it will take 3-5 days by air for your items to reach Russia.


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