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TNT & FedEx Shipping Services

For many years, PACK & SEND have collaborated with TNT & FedEx to assist you in sending goods worldwide through their portfolio of shipping services.

TNT & FedEx freight networks help us to deliver to almost any location in the world! We have access to a wide selection of TNT & FedEx freight services, ensuring we can address your every need, such as meeting delivery deadlines or offering a cost-effective shipping alternative.

To take advantage of our bespoke packaging service accompanied with TNT & FedEx shipping services, complete a free quote request here!

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TNT & FedEx Services

The TNT & FedEx courier network offers a variety of services to individuals and organisations, including door-to-door delivery to over 220 countries! We can book these services for you when you contact your nearest PACK & SEND service centre or by using our website estimate request form on this page. The TNT & FedEx services we provide are as follows:

We know that not every delivery is the same, and sometimes you will have specific requirements. PACK & SEND works with TNT & FedEx to ensure that we can meet these requirements by providing a tracked door-to-door delivery service as soon as the same or the next day!

Thanks to PACK & SEND’s expertise in packaging, customs administration, and shipping management and the TNT & FedEx reputation for delivery speed and dependability, you can trust your package will be in safe hands from start to finish.

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TNT Delivery

The PACK & SEND Service

For both international and domestic shipments, PACK & SEND gives you the peace of mind your items will be properly cared for due to our bespoke packaging services and fast delivery provided by our worldwide network partners, like TNT & FedEx. Our customers get access to the comprehensive TNT & FedEx shipping service for competitive prices with the added benefit of PACK & SEND customer support.

Our bespoke packaging services are tailored to secure anything no matter how fragile, large, awkward, or valuable they are. You can be confident that your item will be in safe hands from start to finish with TNT & FedEx shipping services, and delivery to almost any location.

PACK & SEND has almost 30 years of expertise in the shipping industry and is skilled at navigating international customs processes. We can help with the completion of customs paperwork, which, when combined with TNT & FedEx’s international shipping, ensures that your products arrive without issue.

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How much does it cost to send a package with TNT & FedEx?

For more information on the price of this service, complete a free quote request here.

What TNT & FedEx services do you offer?

PACK & SEND offer a wide range of TNT & FedEx services to meet your shipping needs. Through FedEx we provide:

Does my shipment need to be packed?

Thanks to our growing network of UK service centres, we offer a bespoke packaging service for goods all across the UK, meaning no matter what you are sending we can send it safely via TNT & FedEx, even if it is unpacked!


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