Shipping to Singapore

As a global commerce, finance and transport hub, Singapore is a regular destination for PACK & SEND packing and international shipping services. Since independence in the 1960s, the economy of this island country has seen huge growth to the point where it is now a commercial powerhouse and possibly the most technologically competent nation on earth.

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International Shipments to Singapore

Being one of the main economies of the Far East and an original ‘tiger economy’ Singapore is a key commercial destination for much commerce and trade. The historical ties to the west, and the UK in particular, mean an ongoing demand for international shipments to Singapore. It also benefits from a bouyant tourist community and strong trade links with China, the US and Australia and is a regular destination for PACK & SEND secure international deliveries.

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International Shipments to Singapore Businesses

As a base for over 7000 multinational businesses, Singapore is a crucial commercial hub on the Pacific Basin and is regularly rated as the most easy country to do business in. Singapore’s largest companies are in the telecoms, banking, transportation and manufacturing sectors and low corruption and a well-educated and highly skilled workforce make the nation a top destination for trade. This, in turn, creates demand for international packing and shipping services into Singapore.

Shipping to Singapore

Singapore is one of the busiest international transport hubs in the region and is instrumental to some of the busiest sea and air trade routes. There are eight airports in the country with the largest being Changi Airport which is an aviation centre for Southeast Asia and a stopover on the main flight paths between Sydney and London. The Port of Singapore is the world’s busiest for trans-shipment traffic and also the biggest ship refuelling centre in the world reflecting the importance of international seafreight and shipping to the country’s economy.

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What are the Trends for International Shipments to Singapore?

Close to half of the population of Singapore is foreign born and many naturalised residents are also of foreign descent, which makes the demand for international shipments and movements very likely to keep growing. The importance of the country as a commercial and economic hub in the region is likely to be another factor in the growth of international shipping demand for Singapore.

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