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International Sea Freight

Sea freight is one of the most cost-effective ways of shipping internationally. No wonder over 90% of all non-bulk cargo is transported by container ships. It’s also ideal for large shipments or moving abroad.

At PACK & SEND we’ll arrange your international sea freight shipment for you. The size of your shipment will affect the rates you pay. If you have a large shipment, then having your own container as a Full Container Load (FCL) is likely best. FCL is charged per container. If the volume of your goods is smaller, then you may need to share a container with other shipments. Less than Container Load (LCL) means one container is filled by multiple shipments. This is charged by the cubic metre.

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International Sea Freight

Sea freight options are ideal when time is not the issue and you want to send heavyweight or bulky items overseas economically. Heavy items are sometimes not cost-effective to send by air, and freight forwarding by sea from the UK is often a suitable alternative.

If you do not need to send your delivery to its destination urgently, a sea shipment is a great option because you will save a significant amount on your delivery.

Ship Economically with LCL Shipments

International shipments by sea are less expensive than sending items by air. However, we make sure that you get the most value out of your shipments by using Less than a Container Load (LCL) shipments.

We specialise in this international sea freight service, which involves consolidating your consignment with numerous other shippers and then sending your cargo economically through our network of first-class shipping lines.

You can choose to have your delivery sent door-to-door or door-to-port (where you collect the item), so no matter what arrangements you would like to make, we have a solution for you when shipping by sea.

Full Container Sea Shipments (FCL)

If your shipment is of a very large volume taking a full container for your sea shipment may be the most appropriate option for you whether you are a business or private individual.

At PACK & SEND we will arrange for the most appropriate sized container, all container loading and onward international shipment either to the port of destination or should you prefer we will arrange for the container to be cleared through customs and then delivered to your door.

Whether you are shipping large quantities of equipment or are relocating abroad and require an international removal service our FCL sea shipping service is ideal.

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Ensure Your Fragile Deliveries Are Protected

With any international delivery, you need to ensure that your items are kept safe and secure in transit. With sea freight, your items are in transit for longer, so it is especially important to use a packing service you trust to keep your fragile or valuable items safe. We specialise in shipping works of art, antiques, IT equipment and computers.

We construct tailor-made wooden crates for your item. Our Foam-in-Place system prevents damage from occurring by securing the item firmly in place with a cushion of foam. We use this for items of all sizes – no matter what you want to ship by sea, we provide you with a safe and secure service.

Use PACK & SEND for Your International Sea Freight Shipments

At PACK & SEND, we will ensure a safe delivery for your shipment. We provide overseas sea freight services for both individuals and companies. Our services are ideal whether you are sending one item or hundreds. We also provide complete cover against loss or damage for your shipments so that you have complete peace of mind.


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How long do sea freight shipments take to arrive?

Sea freight shipments like any shipment can take differing quantities of time to be delivered depending on their destination. To understand how quickly you can receive your shipment when choosing sea freight contact your local service centre.

Can PACK & SEND offer support in completing customs documentation?

All PACK & SEND service centres offer full support with customs documentation for both import and export shipments.

What goods can be sent by sea freight?

When shipping anything anywhere it is important to make sure that the goods are permitted for import into that country. PACK & SEND have years of experience sending goods via sea freight, to find out if your shipment is allowed to be sent by sea, contact your local service centre.


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