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Foam in Place

PACK & SEND are experts in providing secure packing for any shipment.

Although fragile or awkward shaped items are typically difficult to pack safely they are not a problem for us. All our service centres offer state of the art Foam-In-Place packaging which absorbs shock and vibration to secure any item for safe shipment.

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Foam-in-Place Packing

Ask for Foam-In-Place packaging to ensure you and your customers have total 'peace-of-mind'. A safe, non-reactive material is injected into a carton or crate to form a contoured cradle around the item. This injected material expands in the box to fit any item, providing a secure, custom cradle. Your valuable item rides in a thick, contoured cushion of aerated foam providing excellent protection against shock, vibration and compaction for your goods in transit. The ultra-light weight of Foam-In-Place packaging also means that your freight and shipping costs are kept to a minimum.

Our wall mounted injection cradle is flexible enough to mean that any item of any size or shape can be protected using this protective packaging technique. You have no need to worry anymore about packing or shipping anything fragile.

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Foam in place

What is Foam-in-Place?

Foam-in-Place is a safe, lightweight, non-reactive material used to cushion an item within its crate or carton, adding extra protection. Your items are placed in a thick cushion of aerated polyurethane foam contoured to fit the contents.  This provides excellent protection against shock, vibration and compaction for your goods in transit.

What type of goods can Foam-in-Place be used for?

We can use Foam-in-Place packing for a wide range of goods to ensure they are safe to survive transit. It is particularly suited to fragile items such as ceramics, glassware, statues and so on as this packing method ensures they are given the correct amount of protection to avoid breakages or damage.

How can I arrange Foam-in-Place packing?

Contact your local PACK & SEND service centre to arrange Foam-in-Place packaging. The team will be able to advise you on whether it is suited to your items and if not will provide an alternative solution.


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