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Shipping to the USA from the UK

Do you want to arrange international postage to the USA? At PACK & SEND we can ship your packages to anywhere in the USA, from Alabama to Washington.

As a specialist in international shipping, freight forwarding, and door-to-door packing and deliveries, PACK & SEND knows a thing or two about sending goods to the USA and North America. The USA is a regular destination for our packing and international shipping services, and we specialise in transporting large, awkward, fragile, and valuable goods. PACK & SEND couriers to the USA will make sure that your items arrive quickly and in excellent condition.

Here you can see all the things you need to consider when shipping goods to the USA, from customs requirements and shipping restrictions, to how to address your package.

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Delivering to the USA

PACK & SEND frequently make shipments to the USA, and we offer a wide range of packing and shipping services to suit your individual needs. We also track all our US shipments continuously until final delivery and keep you updated on progress along the way.

Perhaps you (or your business) have acquired an item in the UK and require collection, packing and shipping to your US location? This can be difficult to manage remotely but a PACK & SEND service centre can manage everything for you.

You may be planning a move to the USA from the UK, or you may have family in America to who you wish to send things. Whatever your circumstances or needs, PACK & SEND are a perfect solution for getting anything safely from the UK to the United States, as nobody offers a more complete range of secure packing and delivery solutions.

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Shipping options - we deliver via air or sea

Our delivery services provide hassle-free, guaranteed delivery to anywhere in North America and the US. Whether you are shipping large items or smaller, more fragile goods, PACK & SEND can help.

We have a choice of air freight services and sea freight services to most ports and airports across North America and the US. We also offer ‘to the door’ and ‘to the port’ services in any of the States.

For urgent deliveries, we can offer next-day delivery service options from the UK to the USA, and high-security accompanied shipping for extremely valuable or sensitive items. However, it is important to note that sending parcels to particularly remote areas in the US may result in increased cost and time in transit, so always try to send your items in advance.

We also offer a specialist packing service, which is an ideal option for sending art, antiques, and collectables across the world. Our custom cases and crates ensure that even the most delicate items will reach their destination safely.

Please speak to your local PACK & SEND Service Centre today for full details and a personal estimate for your delivery needs.

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Customs requirements for the USA

When sending parcels to the USA, it is vital that you are aware of the customs regulations imposed by the US Government. Being on top of this information will help to avoid customs problems and therefore reduce the chance of any delays to the delivery of your packages.

As you would expect, PACK & SEND have extensive knowledge of the customs regulations specific to the USA and North America. By following our expert advice, your items should have very few customs issues on their journey.

You must complete a Customs Invoice for every package you send to the US. This is so that the US Customs Officials can correctly identify whether the items inside are subject to import duties, and if so, how much they need to charge you.

Personal effects or items that are intended as gifts are not subject to customs charges, provided they are below a certain value. These items must be clearly stated on the Customs Invoice. Most other items, however, are subject to fees.

Common mistakes:

  • Not filling in the paperwork correctly (putting information in the wrong place or missing sections entirely).
  • Trying to send prohibited or restricted items.
  • Being vague or not giving enough detail – E.G. instead of just saying ‘clothes’, state ‘2x men’s cotton shirts, made in England.’
  • Sending items without the correct licenses and certificates.

During transit, we can inform you of any US customs clearance issues if they do arise. However, we will work with you prior to transporting your package with the aim of avoiding any such issues occurring.

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Keeping the Paper trail Intact

Shipping restrictions for the USA

Every country has their own regulations as to what can and cannot be shipped in and out. In America, many of the states have their own restrictions too that may not apply elsewhere in the US.

Whether you’re sending a gift or shipping all your belongings out, it’s important to be aware of the prohibited and restricted items. Prohibited items are completely banned from being imported to the US, whilst restricted items are allowed depending on the circumstances and/or the provision or the correct licenses.

Those counted as restricted include perishable foods, firearms, protected wood (sometimes found in guitars), and medicinal plants. You can find a full list of restricted and prohibited items on the U.S.89 Customs and Border Protection website.

Shipping alcohol to the USA can be complicated. Only six states allow all types of alcohol to be delivered, and most states will only accept wine (no spirits, etc.). Some states won’t allow the delivery of any alcohol products at all. Check this list for official guidance on shipping alcohol to America.

If you are sending a state-restricted item, PACK & SEND may still be able to accommodate your delivery by shipping your package to a nearby state that will accept your package. We then manually bring it into the required state for final delivery. Speak to us today for more information on how we can help you.

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How to address your package

Give your package the best chance of arriving at the intended destination in the USA by addressing it correctly. Follow the appropriate format below:

Recipient’s detailsMr John Smith
Street710 Lennox St
Town, State, Zip codeBaltimore, Maryland (MD), 21217
CountryUnited States of America (USA)

The state can be written out in full or abbreviated to a two-letter code. Find a full list of the correct state abbreviations here.

The zip code is the equivalent of a UK postcode. Some zip codes have a hyphen with an extra four digits following them (E.G. 20260-6500) but it usually isn’t necessary to include the second part of the code.

You can choose to abbreviate United States of America to USA, or write it in full.

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Safe Contactless Delivery

Safe and secure delivery

When it comes to shipping high-value or fragile goods to the US, PACK & SEND are the experts! Our packing and crating services ensure your items are safe and secure, from the moment we collect them until the final delivery in America.

Unlike many shipping companies, we always aim to get a signature upon final receipt where possible. This measure ensures that your package is safely delivered and not left on a doorstep, significantly decreasing the chances of parcel theft or mis-delivery.

For your peace of mind, we can also provide you with comprehensive loss or damage cover, no matter the value of your goods.

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What items are prohibited to send to the USA?

Within America, as a result of the 50 states, there are lots of different items which are prohibited to be sent to the USA. Some things can be sent to some states but are banned in other states. Alcohol is one example of this, lots of alcohols are banned in all states but can be shipped to other states. A full list of banned items can be seen here – https://www.cbp.gov/travel/us-citizens/know-before-you-go/prohibited-and-restricted-items. Whilst these goods are prohibited for import, solutions can be found in some circumstances, contact your local service centre for more information.

What ways are there to get an item sent to the USA?

For shipments to the USA PACK & SEND offer both sea and freight services. More information on these services can be found here – https://www.packsend.co.uk/business-solutions/international-freight-and-shipping/.

How long will my things take to reach the USA?

Items going to the USA can take varying amounts of time to reach their destination. We can offer estimates for delivery time but these are always subject to change due to customs clearance. By air we expect items to arrive in 3-5 days. By sea, we would expect items to arrive in 8-10 weeks.




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