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The packing and international shipping of antiques has been core to PACK & SEND’s business for 30 years. Our highly trained staff are experts in packing and shipping valuable antiques and collectables both for international shipping and for shipping antiques domestically and we have packed and shipped furniture, carpets, china, glassware and other antiques from individual pieces through to whole collections. Last year alone our customers entrusted us with shipping antiques worth £millions.

Our antiques shipping service comes with total confidence at PACK & SEND. We can offer that extra peace of mind when shipping quality antiques through our loss or damage warranty supported by one of the world’s most established antiques shipping underwriters. Cover can be provided to any value regardless of whether you are shipping antiques internationally or domestically.

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PACK & SEND Lincoln

Harry Rogers

John and the team at the Lincoln office were very helpful, and my fragile item was very well packaged. They take great care and I am pleased that I used PACK & SEND Click box for more

PACK & SEND Harrow

Vidya Srinivasan

We shipped multiple suitcases from London to USA and used PACK & SEND at Harrow. It was such an easy process and the staff there are very helpful. It was delivered right on time and without any hassles. Highly recommend this location for shipping needs Click box for more

PACK & SEND Cambridge

Drew Cameron

Used them with Sworders. They did a good job packing a large fragile item both securely but also efficiently. They were able to saved me some money because they packed the item safely but also didn't overdo it with excessive, heavy packaging like some other shippers do. They did a solid job all around Click box for more

PACK & SEND Oxford

Rahul Prasad

I couldn't be happier with the assistance provided by PACK & SEND Oxford. They were prompt, efficient and went out of their way to help collect, package and send some items to Australia. Highly recommended. Many thanks again. Click box for more

PACK & SEND Leeds North

Susan Farrugia

It was a very pleasing experience dealing with PACK & SEND Leeds North. Items were well packed and received in good time. I found the lady that answers the phone to be very helpful and I will defiantly use their service again Click box for more

PACK & SEND Bristol West

L Graham Smith

Used PACK & SEND to transport a model ship built by my dad from UK to Canada. They custom built a crate, picked up the ship and delivered to my home in Canada. Impeccable service and easy to communicate with. Just brilliant Click box for more

PACK & SEND Newbury

Joseph Carpenter

PACK & SEND is an extraordinary shipper. They very carefully packed my two Chines vases with extra care, and they arrived perfectly. It is such a pleasure to see things done correctly and with attention to detail. Thanks you PACK & SEND Click box for more

PACK & SEND Camberley


Their service is great. Their staff Mr Philippe was very friendly and good in explaining. I was able to send my guitar to Malaysia at a reasonable price and quickly as well. Would highly recommend their services Click box for more

PACK & SEND Glasgow City

Ali Ertugrul

Many thanks to Malcolm and his team for their great service. They picked up the items, packed and delivered them to our customer on time and without any problem. They notified me in every step. I recommend their service to other customers Click box for more

PACK & SEND Richmond Park

Mark Waterfield

PACK & SEND helped me a lot when sending a valuable artwork overseas. I thoroughly recommend them for this service. Worth the extra for the peace of mind and professional approach. Do NOT trust the low end courier services when sending art through the post - I learnt that lesson the hard way Click box for more

PACK & SEND Salford Quays

Pete Marsh Art

I used PACK & SEND Salford Quays to ship artwork to and from USA previously and I was extremely happy with their service. More recently I sent two paintings to USA and PACK & SEND were excellent. If you want artwork packed and sent across the world safely and securely then I would strongly recommend PACK & SEND Click box for more

PACK & SEND Edinburgh East


Gary was possibly one of the nicest people I've ever spoken with. Our package was delivered quicker than we expected back to the states from Edinburgh. It was more expensive than I thought, but it probably costs a lot to do Click box for more

PACK & SEND Oxford Circus

Randy Bell

Super helpful team that arranged for a wallet left at our hotel to be picked up, packed and sent to us in US. Really appreciate the level of coordination and attention to detail Click box for more

PACK & SEND Hall Green

Alexander Boardman

Always professional and full of experience. A special shout-out to Dave who in particular is always punctual and does packing to a very high standard. Thank you Click box for more

PACK & SEND Belfast East

Richard Miles

PACK & SEND Belfast East dealt efficiently with firstly collecting an antique flintlock musket from the auctioneers in Castlecomer Kilkenny, packing it expertly and sending it to me in the Channel Islands, with all correct paperwork for export. I received it in good condition yesterday. Friendly and efficient service throughout Click box for more


If you want to talk to somebody about your specialist packaging and delivery requirements, call us on 0345 873 999 0

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Safe International Antique Shipping

We regularly work for quality antique dealers, auction houses, museums and private collectors by packing and shipping antiques, china and glassware or antiquities. Working to the highest of standards and understanding the sensitivities and customs regulations that relate to shipping valuable and rare antiques our expert staff will be able to advise on every aspect of your shipping needs from how to pack a particular piece to ensure adequate protection to the most appropriate valuables shipping option (be that international air freight, international sea freight or international road freight).

Whether you have an entire collection that requires packing or shipping or an individual piece, our highly personalised and professional service, combined with our extensive range of international shipping services (international air freight, international sea freight and international road freight) and our world-class packing standards will mean that we will be able to tailor a solution to your antique shipping needs that meets both your timescales and budget.

Our packing standards are renowned. Our attention to detail and ability to draw on 30+ years of packaging expertise means that when shipping antiques we will ensure that every piece is packed to provide maximum protection against shock, vibration and impact. Our custom-made wooden crates and unique foam cushioning provide security for the most valuable and fragile furniture, ceramics and other antiques.

Shipping antiques can be complex and our years of experience mean that we fully understand the challenges of safely delivering valuable items. Whether it is export documentation, LAPADA certification, valuation documents or customs and regulatory documentation such as CITES approvals our expert staff will be able to prepare the relevant documents for your antique shipping requirements.

Nimbus Antiques

'PACK & SEND Salford Quays are fast, professional and friendly.'

Nimbus Antiques
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Expert Packing Solutions

No matter whether you have a single antique item that requires export packing and international shipment or an entire collection PACK & SEND can put together a solution that will work for you.

Tailor-made wooden crates

Being specialists in packing antiques is one of our key services at PACK & SEND. At our service centres, we have the facilities to build custom wooden crates using either medium density fibreboard, plywood or oriented strand board, the material depends on the job.

Wooden crates provide additional protection for shipments. This also makes larger shipments of antiques or more fragile pieces more rigid. This protection will give you peace of mind when shipping fragile, awkward or valuable antiques or collectables.

In our service centres, we do also have a large range of corrugated cartons and boxes available. These all vary in board strengths, to make sure they meet the packaging and protection needs of your item whilst in transit.

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Customer-made Boxes and Cartons

When it comes to specialist packing of antiques, PACK & SEND provides complete security for your fragile deliveries. Whilst we do have a wide range of pre-made boxes, if we don’t have a box that meets the requirements needed for your job, we can custom-make one. We can make a one-off corrugated carton or box to a specified size and strength, and all of our cartons are glued and taped at the seams to provide additional strength in the freight environment during shipping

Try Our Foam-In-Place System

Another service we provide at PACK & SEND is our unique Foam-In-Place system. This state-of-the-art packaging system is ideal for antique dealers and collectors who need to send goods abroad.

Using this involves a safe, non-reactive material being injected into a carton or crate to form a contoured cradle around the item. As a result of this, your valuable item rides in a thick, contoured cushion of aerated foam, providing excellent protection against shocks, vibrations and compaction for your goods in transit.

Our wall-mounted injection cradle is flexible enough to mean that any item of any size or shape can be protected using this protective art packaging technique. As well as this, the ultra-lightweight of Foam-In-Place packaging means that your freight and shipping costs are kept to a minimum.

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Shipping Antiques

Whether you are an antique dealer, buyer or collector PACK & SEND’s 30+ years of experience in the professional packing and shipping of antiques means that we can make the transportation and delivery of your item a smooth and simple process.

Our shipping expertise means we have many repeat customers and we are proud of our high levels of personalised service when shipping treasured antiques for our many customers. With daily collections from auction houses and dealers in London and across the UK, we can collect the item or items requiring secure shipping at a time convenient to you.

PACK & SEND works with a large number of UK dealers and auction houses who require a one-stop solution for the professional packing and international shipment of antiques for their customers. We arrange everything from the collection, export packing, international shipment, customs clearance and delivery to the door in the country of destination.

PACK & SEND also work directly with a significant number of international buyers (either private individuals or international dealers) who use PACK & SEND’s expertise to ensure that their international antique shipment goes smoothly.

Our broad range of international shipping services and high-quality export packing along with our ability to put in place cover against loss or damage for any value means that we can provide a complete end-to-end solution and total peace of mind for anyone wishing to make an international antique shipment.

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Freight Ship at Sea

Can you safely pack my antiques for safe shipping?

PACK & SEND service centres are equipped with expert packers who have been trained to safely pack your antiques to survive shipment anywhere in the world! With a range of packing options like custom boxes and bespoke crates made especially for your antique, there is nothing we can’t pack! Our unique foam in place packing solution will ensure the safe delivery of even the most delicate items.

Where can you deliver my antiques to?

Using our range of international and domestic shipping options PACK & SEND can collect and deliver antiques anywhere in the world. If collection is required outside of the UK, we can advise on how to safely pack your antiques for safe delivery.

Do you offer loss or damage cover for antique shipments?

At PACK & SEND we offer comprehensive loss and damage cover for all antique shipments regardless of their value. This cover does only apply to goods that have been packed and shipped by PACK & SEND and cannot be offered as a product for goods that are being shipped by a third party. Contact your nearest PACK & SEND service centre to find out how they can organise this for your shipment.

Do you pay import duty on art in the UK?

PACK & SEND can assist with advice on customs and import regulations, ensuring all necessary paperwork is handled correctly so you don’t have to worry. Contact us for more information.

How do I ship antique pottery?

Trust PACK & SEND for shipping antique pottery. We use specialised packing techniques and materials to protect your pottery during transit, ensuring it arrives safely and securely.

How do you protect antique furniture when moving?

Our team at PACK & SEND excels in protecting antique furniture. We use professional packing techniques, including moving blankets and custom crating, to safeguard your valuable pieces during the move.

How to ship antiques internationally?

For international shipments of antiques, rely on PACK & SEND’s expertise. We handle all aspects of the process, including custom-built crating, documentation, and customs clearance, to ensure your antiques are transported safely and efficiently.

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At PACK & SEND we know how important it is for you to reach all your international destinations via a single service provider.

We provide a wide range of options for your international shipping solutions to ensure that you can always find the service you need depending on the package that you need to send overseas.

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PACK & SEND are truly the experts when it comes to custom packaging and crating those fragile, large, awkward and valuable items like computers, servers, artworks and antiques.

We specialise in accessing the right type of packaging for any item and using all other resources available to protect your shipment.

Packing solutions
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We take every care to make sure that your items stay safe during transit.

However, for complete peace of mind when you send your shipments domestically or internationally, we provide Warranty Service protection to cover you for loss or damage to your important shipments.

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