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Shipping to Canada from the UK

Send your awkward, fragile and valuable packages to Canada securely with PACK & SEND.

We make light work of worldwide delivery – using over 30 years experience navigating international customs rules and ensuring safe delivery to friends and family or global customers, wherever they are.

From British Columbia to Quebec, PACK & SEND gets your packages to the Great White North safely and on time.

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Delivery to Canada

Work with PACK & SEND for safe and secure delivery to Canada. Our service centre experts help you package your fragile or valuable items, plus we take care of delivery too.  

Our shipments are tracked door to door for your peace of mind and we’ll let you know once your parcel has arrived safely.   

PACK & SEND offers air and sea freight services for reliable delivery to CanadaOur express delivery service gets your urgent packages overseas at impressive speeds and we even offer next-day delivery to Canada from the UK. 

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Are there customs requirements when sending to Canada?

Shipments to Canada from the UK must include customs documentation. It’s important these are completed accurately, or you risk your parcel being delayed, returned or even destroyed. 

You’ll need to complete a commercial invoice. Your courier service will be able to provide these documents for you. 

Include as much detail as possible when completing these forms. For example, instead of writing ‘art’ as the product description, add ‘watercolour painting in wooden frame, made in England’.  

This detail helps those completing customs checks when your parcel arrives in Canada and reduces the likelihood of it being rejected or delivery being delayed. 

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Keeping the Paper trail Intact

Restricted imports in Canada

Like most countries, Canada has unique rules when it comes to importing goods. So, it’s worth checking your items are permitted before sending them – otherwise they may be returned to you at a charge or even destroyed. 

Some items which may be rejected for import to Canada include: 

  • Some plants and wood products 
  • Certain foods like meat and dairy products 
  • Tea and coffee 

Certain consumer goods – like food and beverage products – require importers to own a specialised license. 

Check the Canadian government’s website for more information on prohibited imports and if you’re still unsure, it’s worth contacting them before arranging your shipment. 

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Addressing deliveries to Canada

It’s important your shipments are addressed correctly, so they arrive safely and on time to your loved ones and customers abroad. 

Follow these steps when addressing parcels to Canada: 

Write the address in block capitals, with the recipient’s name on the first line. The house number and street name go on the second line – with apartment and building numbers separated by a dash e.g., ‘12-24’. 

Street names and directions are often abbreviated, for example, ‘street’ becomes ‘ST’ and southwest becomes ‘SW’.  

The city, province and postcode go on the third line, with the province abbreviated to its 2-digit code, e.g., ‘QC’. 

For example: 


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Safe Contactless Delivery

Work with PACK & SEND to ship to Canada

PACK & SEND takes the hassle out of your international deliveries. From personal collection to delivery, we’ll take care of everything, so your packages arrive safely in Canada. 

We specialise in the secure packaging and worldwide delivery of awkward, fragile and valuable items. And our comprehensive cover against loss or damage gives you peace of mind if the worst happens. 

Contact us today to find out more about our specialist shipping services to Canada and get a quote for your packages or items. 

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What items are prohibited to send to Canada?

In Canada, some items might be refused for import into the country. These include; plant products, foods (meat and dairy) and tea & coffee. A full list of restricted items to Canada can be seen here – https://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/travel-voyage/rpg-mrp-eng.html. Whilst these goods are prohibited for import, solutions can be found in some circumstances, contact your local service centre for more information.

What ways are there to get an item sent to Canada?

When shipping to Canada PACK & SEND can send items by air or sea. More information on these services can be found here – https://www.packsend.co.uk/business-solutions/international-freight-and-shipping/.

How long will my things take to reach Canada?

PACK & SEND have both air and sea services to get goods into Canada. The time these services takes to reach Canada is always unpredictable as a result of customs clearance. We would estimate goods going to Canada to take 5-7 days by air and 8-10 weeks by sea.


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