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Exhibition Equipment

At PACK & SEND we understand the complexities and subtleties of packing and shipping exhibition equipment for overseas exhibitions and trade shows. Any of our retail service centres would be delighted to give you a quote for your exhibition packing and shipping requirements.

With years of experience in shipping exhibition equipment, we understand the unique nature of the job at hand, and the importance to you of ensuring that the equipment arrives on time, and intact, at its destination.

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PACK & SEND understand that overseas exhibitions can often require the packing and transporting of the exhibition stands, marketing materials and trade samples to take place within very tight deadlines and that as every exhibition has a definite start and end date the shipments are time critical.

As your one stop shop we will coordinate everything for you from the collection, packing, transportation overseas and return to the UK after the exhibition. Our extensive range of air freight, air cargo and air express services mean that we can ensure overseas delivery of your equipment even within the tightest deadline and our reach means we can deliver to over 80,000 locations around the world.

Customs Clearance

Whether we ship your equipment on our air services or sea freight services we will arrange for your exhibition equipment to be cleared through customs at the point of entry. Clearing exhibition equipment, trade samples and marketing materials can be a complex process as they do not qualify for personal effects exemption and are technically non-dutiable items though different countries view them in different ways. It is PACK & SEND’s years of experience that mean we can produce the customs documentation in the most appropriate manner depending upon the destination country to ensure that your equipment ends up at the trade show and not stuck in customs.

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Export Packing

Given our experience in the transportation of exhibition equipment and materials PACK & SEND also understand that at the end of the exhibition the materials and equipment will need to be brought back and imported into the UK.

That is why our packers will not only ensure your materials and equipment are adequately packed to ensure full protection for the export but that they will be packed in a manner that will allow for repacking and import back into the UK at the end of the exhibition.

To this end all our export packing for exhibition and trade show equipment is extremely durable and all cushioning materials are non-degradable so that they can be re used for the return journey.

With over 30 years’ experience of providing high quality packaging services for transportation you can trust us to ensure that your equipment and materials are well protected for both export and import into the UK.

Extra Peace of Mind

Whilst PACK & SEND appreciate that the real value of any exhibition equipment or trade show equipment is in the business that you are hoping to generate from your exhibition we also realise that the cost of producing exhibition stands, marketing materials and trade samples can be large. For that reason, and for your extra peace of mind, we can put in place cover against loss or damage of your equipment and materials whilst in transit regardless of their value or fragility.

Pack and Ship

PACK & SEND’s ability to pack and ship your equipment to anywhere in the world means that we can provide you with a flexible and highly tailored solution to your transportation and import requirements and more importantly that we can handle the whole operation for you from start to finish with our pack and ship service, leaving you to focus on getting the most of your exhibition or trade show.

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Is there a weight or size limit?

Due to our range of shipping options and no-limits culture, there isn’t a limit to the size or weight of goods we can deliver. No matter how large your goods are we have a solution to courier them anywhere in the world.

Can you collect items from an exhibition?

If you are exhibiting far from home and need goods returned after completion, our service centres can arrange collection from any UK address and in many cases international too.

Will the exhibited items be packaged safely for delivery?

Whether your things are large, fragile or awkward our service centres utilise our wide range of packaging materials and experience to find the right solution to protect your goods from damage in shipment anywhere.


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