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Nimbus Antiques

'PACK & SEND Salford Quays are fast, professional and friendly.'

Nimbus Antiques
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Nimbus Antiques

Nimbus Antiques are established, antique dealers and restorers. They have a large store in Derbyshire although the majority of their business is done online. Nimbus Antiques work with PACK & SEND Salford Quays who they use to safely package and ship their antiques all over the world!

This is what Nimbus Antiques had to say about the service they receive from PACK & SEND Salford Quays:

Why is partnering with a professional shipper crucial for you?

We ship to the US, Europe and occasionally to Asia. Safe, fast and reliable shipping is a part of our service, therefore, we need our shipping company to be professional like we are.

Nimbus Antiques Inside

What are the three things your PACK & SEND service centre does that are most important to you?

PACK & SEND Salford Quays are fast, professional and friendly. You may think that having a friendly team is not as important but it is to us. Over the last few years, we managed to build an excellent relationship with Deborah and her team because they are so approachable. This means that most of our foreign sales are being sent with PACK & SEND.

nimbus chest unpacked

When you receive your items and see how professionally they have been prepared and packed for safe shipping, what is your reaction?

We have seen the packaging and we think that attention to detail is excellent and shipments look very robust

nimbus chest packednimbus chest packed 2nimbus chest mid packing


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