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UK Franchise Opportunities - Franchise Territories

PACK & SEND is one of worlds fastest growing Business Services franchises. Take the opportunity to get on the ground floor of an emerging and rapidly expanding market, by securing an exclusive franchise territory. Strategically located franchise territories are available throughout United Kingdom.

Territories are allocated to each franchisee on the basis of which PACK & SEND undertake not to open any additional PACK & SEND Stores within the territory and also the agreement prohibits other franchisees from soliciting customers in your territory. That is not to say that some customers from within a specific territory may deal with other franchise owners if it is their choice, for example if they are business acquaintances, or have some other personal relationship. Furthermore, you are permitted to mail and solicit business in vacant areas around your territory until such time as those areas are franchised.

Territory Targets

Despite being a National brand in Australia, with over 120 stores trading in Australia and New Zealand, PACK & SEND is still new to the UK and we have many territory opportunities across the UK. Our immediate priorities are to establish presences in all areas of the country to allow as many people as possible to be able to take advantage of our services. 

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