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Franchise Opportunities - Discovery Events

To help you find out more about what working with PACK & SEND is like and what running and owning a PACK & SEND store is all about, we run Franchise Discovery Days for potential applicants.

We recognise that some individuals may want to simply understand more about the franchise opportunity without entering into a formal application process and our Discovery Days are designed to provide information about the business to help candidates decide whether they wish to take things to the next stage. Our next Discovery Day Events are being planned but please register your interest now and we will contact you shortly to confirm a booking.

Our Discovery Day presentations really only take a morning, but we spend the afternoon speaking on a one-to-one basis with any attendees who have personal questions or wish to formally enter the application process for our franchise opportunity.

The agenda for the morning includes presentations from our management team and existing franchisees on the business, the franchise opportunity, our customers and why they use us. The events are normally sponsored by RBS/NatWest who will provide information on the preferential lending terms they have put in place for PACK & SEND franchisees.

You will also get to hear from some of our customers and in particular what dealing with PACK & SEND stores means to them.

We are arranging events on a regular basis so if you would like to attend and there are no suitable dates above then please REGISTER NOW and we will be in contact to confirm that you have a place and full venue details.

Alternatively, you can register your interest and we will contact you with future dates. Please enter your name and preferred location in the e.mail that opens.