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UK Franchise Opportunities with PACK & SEND

Franchise Opportunity Checlist Take the first step to becoming a PACK & SEND Franchisee

Franchise opportunities in the UK come in many shapes and sizes and it is important to review the options carefully to ensure that you have a good understanding of the potential rewards and the obligations of joining any franchise business. As a growing franchise business. PACK & SEND have franchise options across the UK with territory availability in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as well as London franchise opportunities and attractive territory options across the rest of England.    

PACK & SEND are BFA MembersAs members of the British Franchise Association (BFA), PACK & SEND are committed to ensuring that our franchise candidates have every opportunity to research and assess the business in advance of being granted a license and the appraisal is a two-way process to ensure that only the highest quality and best suited candidates join the business.

UK Franchise Opportunities with PACK & SEND

Becoming a PACK & SEND franchisee is not for everyone. PACK & SEND is first and foremost a people business that prides itself on providing solutions for customers who have complex or difficult packaging and freight problems. We specialise in packing and sending items that are fragile, large, awkward or valuable and our customers range from private individuals to global brands such as Qantas airlines... Read More

PACK & SEND was founded in Parramatta, Australia in 1993 by Michael Paul who remains its Managing Director and major shareholder. His vision was to create a one stop shop to pack and deliver anything, anywhere, for anyone. In the global logistics market of today where the individual can sometimes get overlooked, PACK & SEND proudly lives up to the claim that ‘we know our customers names’. We deliver a level of personal and flexible service to our customers’ packaging and freight forwarding requirements that is unparalleled in the sector and this is demonstrated by the customer testimonials that we receive... Read More

Running and owning a PACK & SEND store calls upon your tenacity and management, organisational and promotional skills, but in return you will be Find out more about our Franchise Opportunitiesrunning and growing your own business whilst helping to develop the PACK & SEND network in the UK at the same time. Often referred to as a 'Management Franchise' and a white-collar business; PACK & SEND is actually a diverse proposition that capitalises on the skills of most owners - whatever their background. The wise selection of prospective Franchisees underpins the success of all Franchise systems. In order to arrive at a successful “commercial marriage”, PACK & SEND goes through a systematic and thoughtful approach to Franchisee selection to reduce the likelihood of an “imperfect match”. At PACK & SEND we are looking for special people to join the team who have a blend of skills and passion bordering on fanaticism to deliver world class customer service... Read More

Find out more about our Franchise OpportunitiesSimon Smith from PACK & SEND Leeds North "decided PACK & SEND was a unique opportunity to build a great business with a global brand presence". Nick Jennings (PACK & SEND Southampton) found PACK & SEND a "compelling business model where healthy gross margins and wide market appeal provides the building blocks of a strong business". Zayad Ali (PACK & SEND Kensington) - "Having owned and run a McDonalds restaurant, I know that franchising works. I wanted my next business to be PACK & SEND as the proposition is unique and being an early adopter will maximise the opportunity." ... Read More

Find out more about our Franchise OpportunitiesAs a guide the finances required to open a PACK & SEND store in the UK is in the region of between £85,000 and £130,000 (including working capital) of which franchisees would need to have at least 30% - 50% as liquid funds. A franchisee will therefore need a minimum of £30,000 to £60,000 in liquid funds. The balance can be raised through a bank financing and PACK & SEND franchisees enjoy favorable lending terms with our banking partners... Read More

At PACK & SEND we have established a structured application process which helps you to find out about the business and what being a PACK & SEND franchisee means on a day-to-day basis before you have to make any decisions and allows us to understand your personal strengths and values that will add to our team. To get started you simply need to complete our brief information request form and we will be in touch very quickly to discuss your interest.

Find out more about our Franchise Opportunities