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Case Studies - Examples of Our Work

Professional Packing and International Shipping Case StudiesAt PACK & SEND every job we do for our customers is unique and given the same care and attention to detail regardless of its size or complexity.

Our ability to pack and ship any item anywhere in the world means that we can always provide a tailored and flexible packing and international shipping solution for your needs no matter how complex you may feel they are.

We are proud of the customer feedback we receive and the jobs we do and whilst you can look within our Portfolio of Achievement to see more case studies we have listed a few below.

Elephant and Giraffe to Cyprus

High Quality Bespoke Packing and Crating - Shipping to CyprusPACK & SEND were contacted by a lady in Hertfordshire who had purchased some garden ornaments for her sister and wished to send them to her in Cyprus as a 50th birthday present.

The ornaments in question were a sculpted elephant and giraffe that were made from hollowed tin and stood 8 feet tall and some 5 feet in length.

The animals were collected from the seller in Herford and packed in individual custom made export packing cases. The statues were protected in the crates using a cell air foam wrap and braced inside the crates to ensure no movement whilst in transit.

They were then delivered to the container port in the UK and shipped to Cyprus on our sea freight service, cleared through customs and delivered to the customer’s sister’s address – much to her delight.

International Art Shipment

PACK & SEND were commissioned by a group of artists who were exhibiting examples of their works at a Gallery in Orange County, California. In all there were 20 artists involved in the exhibition and over 60 individual works.

PACK & SEND coordinated the collection of the individual works from addresses across the UK and arranged for the works to be crated in the most economical manner in order to minimise the international shipping and delivery charge.

The cushioning materials that were used to keep the artworks and sculptures in pristine condition whilst in transit were non degradable in order that they could be reused for the import back into the UK at the end of the exhibition.

Each crate was individually numbered and each had detailed which piece of work went in which crate.

As time was critical on the outward journey they were packed within a day and shipped to the US on our international air service where we arranged for time to be cleared through customs and then delivered to the gallery.

Once the exhibition was over PACK & SEND arranged collection of the crated artwork and import back to the UK on our international sea freight service as time was of less importance on the return journey.

Rock Star to Los Angeles

PACK & SEND were commissioned by the management company of a musician who was moving out to Los Angeles to record an album and would need delivery to Los Angeles of all his gear.

The timing of the move was critical as the musician concerned had to be in LA with his equipment by the end of the week in question.

The only complication was he was rehearsing for the BRIT awards and then appearing at them on the Wednesday of the week and would need all his equipment up until then.

The move involved various items of personal effects along with a variety of instruments, recording equipment and a sound booth all of which were collected at 11.00pm on the Wednesday evening.

They were then packed overnight and delivered to Los Angeles, cleared through customs and delivered within two days – all ready for the artist to start recording!

Ice Cream to America

PACK & SEND were approached by a company that manufactures buffalo milk ice cream and were keen to expand their sales internationally and wanted a company who were capable of packing and shipping international shipments containing dry ice.

Shipping dry ice is strictly governed by IATA regulations and companies wishing to ship dry ice require accreditation and dangerous goods training in order to fully comply with the packing and shipping requirements of airlines.

PACK & SEND have the IATA and dangerous goods accreditation to ship dry ice shipments around the world and as such were able to arrange for the collection, packing and international shipment of the ice cream samples and delivery to the door in the US.

PACK & SEND have since been asked to ship ice cream samples to South Africa, Australia and other frozen food samples to as far afield as Thailand.

Vintage Computer Equipment to New Hampshire

Packing and Shipping Vintage Computer Harware to USAPACK & SEND were approached a private collector of vintage computer equipment from the US who has purchased a large quantity of servers, server racks, tapes and assorted accessories from a collector in Berkshire.

Our IT specialist visited the site to scope out the work and a number of options were put to the individual in the US. The equipment was then moved to PACK & SEND’s storage unit where it was crated and palletised for international shipment to the US.

The shipment was organised using PACK & SEND’s international sea freight service and a full 20 ft container was loaded and sealed at the storage unit before being freighted to the docks in the UK.

The container was then shipped by sea to the port of Boston where PACK & SEND organised for US customs clearance and then onward delivery to the collectors address in New Hampshire.

The equipment, which had been covered against loss or damage whilst in transit to the full value of the purchase, arrived on schedule and without any damage thanks to the professional export packing and care taken by the PACK & SEND team with the international delivery.