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'PACK & SEND is consistently priced lower while maintaining the same level of quality'

Ethan Calfisch
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Ethan Calfisch

Ethan Caflisch is an American artist based in London. Ethan creates a wide range of art which he has been making for many years. He is a very regular client with PACK & SEND Harrow. The team in Harrow have ensured that he has been able to safely ship his work all around the world to his clients.Cowboy

We have asked Ethan some questions about the service he receives from us at PACK & SEND Harrow:

Why is partnering with a professional shipper crucial for you?

It’s just one less thing to worry about. When I have a piece that needs crating and shipping, I don’t need to call and email around getting quotes or do any vetting; I give PACK & SEND a shout and know they will take care of everything without issue.


What things does your PACK & SEND service centre do that are most important to you?

It’s their quick and clear communication, high-level attention to detail, which gives me confidence and peace of mind.

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Why did you choose to use PACK & SEND?

Honestly, when I first started using PACK & SEND, I was a bit weary. I had just moved my studio to London and needed to crate and ship some work internationally. I had gotten quotes from all the art handlers I knew around town and found PACK & SEND to be half the price in some cases; so, I felt like I was taking a bit of a risk by going the cheap route. because of my weariness, I stopped by the shop to sort of inspect the foam-lined crate before it was collected to be shipped. I can vouch that it’s constructed to an equal quality to that of any other art handler I’ve used; I guess the strongest validation is that I haven’t gone back to inspect any crates since that first one.


If you were recommending our services to others, what would you say?

I’ve looked around London numerous times to compare prices with art handlers and specialist craters, and PACK & SEND is consistently priced lower while maintaining the same level of quality; I’ve now had dozens of pieces crated and shipped internationally, and not a single issue with any of them.

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