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Peter Hook Blur

'Being a Manchester service centre and fans of New Order (especially Dave) we are ecstatic to be involved in the packaging and transportation of such iconic music equipment'

Deborah Dudley - Franchise Owner PACK & SEND Salford Quays
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The Peter Hook Signature Collection

In October 2021 Omega Auctions held an auction of over 400 lots! This auction was ‘The Peter Hook Signature Collection’. The auction contained items from the personal collection of Peter Hook, the bassist of influential Manchester bands Joy Division and New Order. These items included; his own guitars used to record and play hits like Blue Monday, rare CD’s, vinyl, artwork, tapes and also the audio rig ‘The End’ from New Order’s farewell concert in Buenos Aires in 2006. PACK & SEND Salford Quays have had the privilege of sending some of the memorabilia from this lot to the United States.

Peter Hook Catalogue

Peter Hook The END packed 1

One of these items shipped was the previously mentioned audio rig ‘The End’. Here is what Hooky had to say about the lot – “Now we are talking. This is ‘The Beast’ guilty of scaring lead vocalists all over the world. Designed by Martin Hannett and used extensively at every New Order gig up to and including Buenos Aries, Argentina on November the 18th, 2006. An immense sounding bass mountain 2 x 1000watts… horrendously loud and perfect. If you buy it, I will throw in a clone pedal, that is all that’s missing. I loved this rig. As my mother used to say, “If you can’t fight our Peter… wear a big hat!” Thank you Irene Hook. Travelled extensively and always lived to tell the tale. The original and the best. I miss her at every gig ;(”

Peter Hook BassAnother of the items that PACK & SEND Salford Quays have been lucky enough to send was the first-ever Chris Eccleshall Peter Hook EBO hollow body bass guitar ever made. Here is how he described it, “Christened HOT because it bloody was. A great guitar. Used on every New Order gig since 1982. The Original. The hollow body enabled it to feed back whenever you wanted it to. You should have seen Barney’s face. Chris, rest in peace! Shortly after presenting me with the last guitar he ever made, he passed.’ Viking 2’ ready for heading off to Valhalla.”



The Salford Quays team have done an excellent job packaging this historic music equipment ensuring that it arrived safely in the States with its new owner. They have created custom crates, made to fit the goods, with protective layers to cushion the equipment preventing damage in transit. As a Manchester-based service centre, this job was particularly important to the team, in particular Dave, who was a big fan of the Hook’s bands which were a major force in driving the Manchester music scene since the late 1970s.

Peter Hook Crate


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