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Specialist Shipping for Art & Antiques

When shipping art internationally or shipping antiques internationally PACK & SEND recognise the requirement for specialist handling and shipping of art and antiques that are particularly fragile or of very high value.

Secure Packing for Large Framed Canvas PaintingOur expert packing and international shipping services ensure that whether you have a single piece of art or an entire collection of art or antiques to be packed and shipped our fine art experts are positioned to provide a packing and shipping solution that is right for you whether that be an international air shipment, a consolidated sea freight shipment, or a full sea freight container.

We have over 20 years experience in the safe packing and international shipping of art and antiques and can not only ensure that your art or antiques are securely and professionally packed but recognise that for works of high fragility it may be required to provide a more tailored international shipping solution – whether that be our escorted item service or ensuring that the piece is packed in an atmospherically controlled environment.

Contact your nearest PACK & SEND store now to get an estimate to ship artwork or antiques.

We have particular experience in the international shipping of items that are CITES controlled and can ensure that all paperwork is correctly manifested to ensure the smooth delivery and clearance through customs.

And for that extra piece of mind for high value, fragile or highly sensitive art and antique shipments we can provide cover against loss or damage to any value.

Contact your nearest PACK & SEND store now to get an estimate to ship artwork or antiques.