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Sending items safely around the world is a business that has been around for as long as there has been people to send things. Shipping is, and continues to be, an essential service as the global economy depends upon the safe and secure movement of goods and items. A shipment could be something as small as a car door mirror or as large as a grand piano but with PACK & SEND that doesn't matter. For many people and businesses, what matters is that there is a company who can get to grips with delivering from one place to another with the minimum of risk and hassle for you.

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The World Is a Big Place

Safely delivering an item from one country to another isn’t just a matter of distance. A good shipping company has a lot to manage when it comes to delivering items between two locations on this planet. Different countries have different laws, different climates and different terrains. Obviously, delivering a piece of jewellery to France will be markedly different to sending a home cinema set-up to South Africa (for example). These are the challenges of international shipping, and it is these factors that one needs to consider when it comes to ensuring that an item gets to where it has to go.

Making sure of that requires planning and knowledge; there are many variables to consider such as the fragility of items, the number of parts and whether they can be stacked/packed together, the proximity of the final destination to its closest air or seaport and much more besides. An international shipping service gains the trust of its customers through the quality of their customer service and as a result their repeat business, by showing that whatever the challenge, it is more than capable of handling it. Moving large shipments can be a headache, but with PACK & SEND we handle everything from start to finish and the headache is taken away!

Why people need an international shipping service

Most of us have travelled abroad and know the difficulties of using international airports which can be tedious, to say the least. But they can be all the more stressful if you have a lot of luggage to keep an eye on. If you are moving – temporarily or longer-term – any significant distance, it can be stressful to keep your eye on goods or luggage that is large, fragile or valuable. Being able to leave it to someone else is perfect.

International shipping companies like PACK & SEND do this kind of thing every day. We know, right down to the minute, what is the speediest and most secure way to get your item between two points, including managing the transit through customs and port entry requirements. There’s virtually nothing we haven’t seen or delivered before and, as long as the cargo isn’t in contravention of any laws along the way, we can get it delivered safely to anywhere. PACK & SEND have over 20 years of experience in secure packing and international shipping services and we know what you need almost without you having to ask.

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Choose peace of mind

When you need an item to be shipped, you or your business have your own priorities. It needs to get there within a certain time frame, it needs to get there safely and ideally, it needs to meet your budget. You may also have your own individual specifications, and a good shipping company will listen to those and work to meet them. Whether you are delivering for business or personal purposes, each package can be different. You need to know you can rely on your shipping company to be flexible and to do what they say they can do. It is something that comes only with the knowledge and experience of having been in the market for over 20 years.

International shipping without the hassle

Whilst handling international shipments is a complicated process, we make it as easy as a single phone call! We know that you probably don’t want the concerns of import restrictions and customs rules which is why we handle everything from door to door. If, on the other hand, you want to be fully aware of every step along the way, PACK & SEND can keep you informed of that too and we will always confirm when your items have reached their final destination.

What you can be sure of is that when sending your item with PACK & SEND, you will not have to worry about it failing to reach its destination on time or in good condition. When you use PACK & SEND for your international shipping services you leave the details to us.

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