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Packing & Shipping Online Sales Items

When to use PACK & SEND

Whether you are a first time online auction user or an eBay Powerseller, using PACK & SEND can save you time and help you sell more products. At PACK & SEND we understand the many online systems like eBay and our services are designed to ensure you get more positive feedback and thus more sales.

Your first step is to ensure you choose the correct method of delivery for your item to assist in winning the sale. Is your item suited for mail, courier, freight, airline, removal company etc? Mail services are designed for small, low value, non-time sensitive items where reliability is not an issue (mail services do not offer tracking services for items whilst in transit). If your item fits this description, then you may find the Post Office is your best delivery option for this item.

However, the majority of goods sold on eBay and online are not suitable for mail services, and this is where PACK & SEND is the number 1 choice for eBay and online users. You should contact your nearest PACK & SEND store if any of the following statements represents your needs:

  • I need to send Fragile, Large, Awkward or Valuable Freight
  • I need to send computers, electronics, musical instruments, collectables, bikes, car parts, cameras, antiques, art, etc.
  • I send items valued at over £200
  • I send items that require urgent or date-certain delivery
  • I require the buyer to sign a ‘proof of delivery’docket.
  • I require professional packing services
  • I send parcels that weigh more than 10kgs
  • I require packaging materials or a packing service
  • I require track and trace of items in transit
  • I do not have an account with a freight or courier company
  • I send overseas
  • I send furniture
  • I require financial protection against loss and or damage of items in transit
  • I would like to have items sent to a store for collection by the buyer
  • I would like to outsource the packing and dispatch process
  • I have had trouble with items being damaged in transit
  • I have had trouble with items being lost in transit
  • Other carriers have not been able to meet my needs

Please note: PACK & SEND offers a very competitive overseas mail service for parcels weighing up to 20kg to all destinations in the world. Contact your local PACK & SEND store or click here for details.