Delivery Solutions for eBay and Online Purchases

Online auction sites like eBay are increasingly popular as more people become familiar with the internet and realise how convenient – and cost-effective – this form of shopping can be. But all forms of e-commerce rely on efficient delivery services to get the orders to customers in good time and good condition, especially where large, valuable or fragile items are concerned.

That is why at PACK & SEND we provide full eBay packing and delivery for purchasers.

Our long expertise in sending items both nationally and internationally predates the birth of online shopping. We have embraced the demands of online shopping and can provide you with a fast and efficient service to ensure your goods always arrive in perfect condition and on time.

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Delivery Solutions for eBay and Online Purchases

After you have won an auction or purchased an item on eBay, the next step is getting your item delivered to your door. If you have purchased an item that requires particular care, such as something valuable or fragile, then at PACK & SEND we can provide you a wide range of personalised eBay delivery services to ensure the entire process is as smooth and convenient as possible, and that your item arrives safely.

eBay Deliveries: Choose Your Delivery Time

One of the least convenient features of receiving a package after you have won an auction on eBay is waiting for your item to arrive and not knowing when to expect it. But with PACK & SEND you can choose the day that it arrives so you know exactly when to expect it, and you know that it is in safe hands because we specialise in delivering fragile and valuable items.

eBay Delivery Store Pick-Up Option

When you purchase an item on eBay, you can choose the option of having your parcel conveniently delivered to your door. However, we can also deliver your item to your nearest PACK & SEND store so that you can collect it at a time suitable to you.

This is the most convenient option if you are regularly out and about and you want to collect items you have purchased on eBay. You may also be concerned about a particularly valuable item being delivered to your house and you may prefer to pick it up in person. If you want to collect your parcel at a time convenient to you, arrange for your seller to send your item with PACK & SEND on a ‘parcel collect’ service.

eBay Packing Solutions

Are you worried about how to protect your item during transit? This is of particular concern when you purchase an item that is shaped awkwardly or is very fragile. At PACK & SEND, we specialise in packaging services and can provide you with tailor-made wooden crates for fragile items, as well as other custom solutions. So don’t worry about your item arriving damaged or broken, and trust us to get it to you in good condition.

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Hassle-free Door-to-door Delivery

Detailed Tracking of eBay Deliveries

One of the common fears about online shopping is that you don’t know where your item is at any one time, and if you have spent a lot of money on your purchase this can be quite stressful. But with our detailed tracking service you know exactly where it is, and this provides you with even greater peace of mind when you shop online.

Damage & Loss Protection for eBay Deliveries

To provide you with even more reassurance when you arrange delivery for your valuable items purchase at eBay, we can also offer Gold Service protection. This protects the value of your consignment in the event of loss or damage, giving you complete peace of mind.

Get Your eBay Delivery Direct to Your Door

To take full advantage of the benefits of online shopping, you need to use a delivery service you can trust. At PACK & SEND, we provide a full delivery service to make receiving your valuable, fragile and large online purchases convenient and secure. So buy your items on eBay and let us take care of the delivery for you.

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