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eBay & Online Sales Shipping Services

At PACK & SEND we provide full eBay packing and delivery for purchasers. Online auction sites like eBay are increasingly popular as more people become familiar with the internet and realise how convenient – and cost-effective – this form of shopping can be. All forms of e-commerce rely on efficient delivery services to get the orders to customers in good time and good condition, especially where large, valuable or fragile items are concerned.

Our long expertise in sending items both nationally and internationally give us an unprecedented ability to fulfil online orders. We have embraced the demands of online shopping and can provide you with a fast and efficient service to ensure your goods always arrive in perfect condition and on time.

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Shipping Online Sales

PACK & SEND has a national coverage and as such is the vital link that helps to synchronise the exchange of products between buyers and sellers of eBay and other online auction sites. No other company in the UK can provide the same breadth of packaging and delivery services to the eBay & online community.

Whether you are a first time online auction user or an eBay Powerseller, using PACK & SEND can save you time and help you sell more products. At PACK & SEND we understand the many online systems like eBay and our services are designed to ensure you get more positive feedback and thus more sales.

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Buying & Selling Online FAQs

Whether you are a regular online seller, buyer or you have a one-off need, you will no doubt have questions about how to get your purchase delivered safely. PACK & SEND have the answers…

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eBay & Online Selling

PACK & SEND has a growing national coverage and as such is the vital link that helps to synchronise the exchange of products between buyers and sellers of eBay and other online auction sites.

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At PACK & SEND we know how important it is for you to reach all your international destinations via a single service provider.

We provide a wide range of options for your international shipping solutions to ensure that you can always find the service you need depending on the package that you need to send overseas.

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PACK & SEND are truly the experts when it comes to custom packaging and crating those fragile, large, awkward and valuable items like computers, servers, artworks and antiques.

We specialise in accessing the right type of packaging for any item and using all other resources available to protect your shipment.

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We take every care to make sure that your items stay safe during transit.

However, for complete peace of mind when you send your shipments domestically or internationally, we provide Warranty Service protection to cover you for loss or damage to your important shipments

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Use our Location Finder to find your nearest Service Centre and Sales Office

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