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Student Removals, Repatriation & Storage

Emergency Removals, Storage & Shipping for Students affected by COVID-19

Whilst students studying in the UK have restarted their learning for the new academic year, they are learning to live with the impacts of COVID-19 as courses have been modified to be delivered via online and pre-recorded lectures.

This has lead to many students either not returning to campus (despite all their possessions remaining there) with others that have arrived feeling that they prefer to return to their home towns to study remotely. Some students have even been required to leave their term-time accommodation at short notice without most of their possessions.

Retrieving their things can be difficult, it can cause issues with health and safety advice and, for overseas students, the problem is even worse as, if they leave, they have little prospect of returning to the UK soon afterwards.

PACK & SEND is pleased to offer a complete package solution for domestic or international students in this position. We can:

  • Arrange to visit your student accommodation (liaising with local concierge or security)
  • Safely and securely pack and document (packing list) all personal items remaining
  • Arrange local, flexible-term, secure storage of the packed items and the subsequent return of the boxed goods to the original location (or a new term-time address if it has changed) when studies resume, OR
  • Send the students belongings home – whether that is in the UK or elsewhere in the world

All visits to the accommodation will follow current medical safety advice and all items will be quarantined before storage or shipment to avoid any contamination risk.

How do I Find out more or get a Quote? 

Getting a quote is easy. You can:

If you have any problems finding or contacting a centre you can call 0345 873 999 0.

Getting Students Things Home


Safety is our first priority and our precautions are in line with guidance from official bodies.

For customers at our service centres we ask you to respect our safety rules:
– call ahead to make a booking – one visitor at a time
– use a face-covering or mask in the building (we can supply)
– stay in the indicated safe area
– use the hand sanitiser provided

Our service centres are also:

  • Following hygiene recommendations from the NHS and WHO
  • Taking extra measures to ensure the sanitation of our service centres to help avoid unnecessary exposure
  • Recommending communication with customers and suppliers is via the phone and other electronic means
  • Operating a contactless delivery service

Additionally, we require that no employee or supplier partner reports to a service centre if they:

  • feel unwell or are exhibiting the highlighted symptoms such as a persistent cough or a high temperature
  • have been in contact with an infected person
  • have recently returned from any country with reported cases or require a quarantine period

Thank you for respecting these guidelines that we have put in place for the safety of everyone.

Please refer to our COVID-19 Coronavirus update page for the latest information on how PACK & SEND are responding to the pandemic.

Covid 19 Update


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