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Simple Preparation for Leaving the EU – Quick Guide to get Ready for Brexit Today

Wednesday, 20 March 2019
With the UK’s Brexit plans probably changing even as this post is being written we won’t waste your time with speculation on how or when we might leave the EU. Instead; here are a few nil-cost ‘no-brainers’ for regular shippers to EU countries that will be required whatever flavour of Brexit we get, or when it actually happens!

1) Apply for an EORI number – Economic Operator Registration and Identification numbers have always been required to trade with non-EU countries and will be required for trade with EU countries as soon as March 29th. There is no cost to apply for one but there is a three day response to requests (which could get longer with demand rising as we get closer to departure) so apply for yours now if you haven’t already got one! Full details are available here.

2) Learn about Commodity Codes – Goods sent abroad require a valid commodity or HS code to identify the duties payable and other shipping information and their use is common practise for shipments outside of the EU. Not having a code, or using the incorrect code, can cause delays and even result in fines and/or confiscation and destruction of the shipment! They are available via HMRC and will soon be essential when shipping to EU countries after we leave, so why not identify the right ones for you today? Full details are available here.

3) Commercial Invoices – Shipments to EU countries will require a full commercial invoice after the European Union. There is specific information that is required in the document (such as the HS code) so get up to speed on creating commercial invoices now! Full details are available here.

Don’t Worry!

If it all sounds too complicated or time-consuming there is a solution. All PACK & SEND service centres are familiar with international shipping regulations and are ready to help you or your business ensure that deliveries arrive safely and smoothly to Europe or anywhere else! You can easily obtain a quote for your requirements online or by calling us directly on 0345 873 999 0.


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