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Shipping to Australia

International shipping to Australia is an important part of our business at PACK & SEND and this is due to the strong relations between Australia and the UK and our heritage as an international shipping business.

Ever since the 18th century when British rule began, Australia has seen a steady stream of emigrants from the UK to seek out a new life ‘Down Under’. The same is true of people going the other way, with the UK being a very popular destination for Australians.

We carry out deliveries to Australia every day of the year, and we specialise in transporting large, awkward, fragile and valuable goods. What's more, with our network of service centres in Australia, not only can we deliver to your specified address but we can also offer a drop-off at a PACK & SEND location for customers to collect from.

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Sending Items to Australia: The Challenges

Deliveries from UK to Australia come with their challenges, as you would expect from a country which is 9,499 miles from the UK and has a time difference of nine hours.

However, arranging deliveries across numerous time zones and across vast distances is what we do best, especially when it comes to your most valuable items.

A Popular Travel Destination

Arranging freight to Australia is important because the country is very popular with travellers and people taking gap years, all of whom regularly need to get access to important documents and items.

It is easy to see why Australia is so popular with travellers. With a warm climate, stunning coastlines, beautiful beaches and an outdoor lifestyle, as well as attractions including Ayers Rock and the Great Barrier Reef, Australia is often billed as everything you could want from a foreign destination.

With so many people heading from the UK to Australia, having access to a company which can arrange deliveries to Australia quickly and securely is very important, and we are pleased to provide this service to our customers.

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Shipping to Australia: We Ship All Over the Country

Australia is the sixth largest country in the world in terms of land area. As you can imagine, that is a lot of land for international delivery companies to cover.

But sending packages to Australia is no problem for us because we regularly arrange deliveries anywhere in the world.

Despite its size, most people reside in the main cities such as Darwin, Sydney and Melbourne, and this is where most of our deliveries are sent to. However, even if you need to arrange a delivery to Australia somewhere in the outback, we can still help you to get it to its destination.

Complicated Deliveries to Australia: It’s What We Do Best

We can deliver anything to Australia that you need, and we do not limit ourselves to simple orders! In fact, we specialise in complicated and awkward packages.

With our door-to-door service, you can send items all the way from the UK to Australia no matter how large or valuable they are. We will track your order all the way, inform you of any customs clearance issues and provide you with comprehensive cover for loss or damage. We can even help to pack your items for you!

We make sending things to Australia easy, whatever the size and whatever the value of your package.

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