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Temporary Moves

We love the jobs the removal companies hate! Many removals companies do not like to do small moves or temporary moves that may comprise of only a few pieces of furniture, some cases, or shipping pieces of electrical equipment because their vehicles and staff are trained and geared up for a whole house move. But at PACK & SEND we see things differently!

Whether you have one item, a selection of paintings or vases, a room full of furniture or the whole house or office, we have the shipping and removals service options to fit your budget and timetable.

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We are very happy to handle temporary moves for domestic or commercial customers who may be moving a small amount of stuff for a short period of time. We regularly pack and ship part moves or flat or apartment removals in the UK or abroad.

At PACK & SEND, we treat every item in your temporary move with the same care and attention that we give when shipping fragile antiques or unique and highly valuable art that we are regularly moving for people or businesses every day. Our packing services ensure that all your possessions will arrive safe and sound at your destination - no matter how long you are staying there! And if you will be returning at the end of a job placement or when a project ends, we will be delighted to arrange to get your things home again with exactly the same care!

What's more, our Gold Service loss or damage protection allows us to offer you peace of mind when shipping your things whether you are staying for a week or a year, and regardless of the value of what you want to send in your temporary move.

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