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Shipping to Dubai

PACK & SEND packing and international shipping services are available across the world with Dubai being one of our more frequent delivery destinations.

Delivering Shipments to Dubai

With a dynamic economy and a vibrant tourist market Dubai is one of the most commercially active areas in the world and a regular destination for PACK & SEND deliveries. The 2.5 million domestic population conceals the fact that it is one of the wealthiest counties in the world and has trading links with virtually every country on Earth.
PACK & SEND requests to ship to this middle-eastern powerhouse include commercial samples, tourist shipments, business moves and art and antiques sales - most deliveries arriving by air via one of the worlds largest airports!

Shipping to Businesses in Dubai

Although oil has always been an important factor in the economy, this is decreasing and construction and general trading have become the economic drivers. Major service industries - especially IT - have also lead to the growth in demand for international packing and shipping services. Most global businesses have a presence in Dubai and are regularly moving people in and out of the region on a temporary basis leading to the need for flexible logistics solutions such as PACK & SEND.

Deliveries into Dubai

Most international shipments into Dubai are air freight through Dubai International Airport - the 7th busiest commercial airport in the world - but there is also huge sea commerce via the massive Port Jebel Ali. Whilst Dubai is essentially one city, there are various sub-areas within the region which is a total size of 4000km2.

Future for Dubai International Shipments

The Dubai economy continues to be very bouyant and is expected to lead to continued demand for deliveries into and out of the Emiracy. Continuing developments in the air and sea ports of Dubai are underlining its importance in international shipments and the booming tourist and trade markets mean an ever increasing demand for packing and shipping services.