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Excess Baggage

PACK & SEND offers a range of both sea freight and air cargo services for sending personal effects overseas. We offer both 'Door-to-Door' and 'Door-to-Depot' services. The differences between these two types of services are briefly explained in the table below:

Service Type Delivery Customs Clearance
Door-to-Door To the door of the building at the recipient's delivery address. Included in service
Door-to-Depot To the airport or sea port in the receiving country for customer to collect. Not included -clearance is responsibility of owner of goods.

The PACK & SEND price for 'Door-to-Door' covers the total delivery and clearing service (excluding government charges and taxes). The Door-to-Depot price is for delivery to the depot only.

You should note that with the Door-to-Depot service there may be further ancillary charges to pay at the destination and this may include airport terminal fees, storage fees, and documentation fees. At most destinations, you can clear your goods by yourself to avoid customs clearance charges, but it requires time to visit the Customs office with your passport, shipping documents and complete the necessary Customs forms.

A Door-to-Depot service does not necessarily mean a cheaper service than the total Door-to-Door service. In many cases (depending on the destination and consignment size) a Door-to-Door service can be far more economical as well as being very convenient.

Holiday Purchases

Like many visitors to the UK, you may well have found yourself leaving the country with more than you came with – it may be that you’ve bought a piece of art or an antique or other holiday purchases that mean you are over your baggage limit with the airline with whom you are flying home.

At PACK & SEND we have a range of services that are designed to help you get those holiday purchase home that you are not able to or are too expensive to take back with you on your flight.

Our broad range of international delivery services and professional export packing means that no matter what items you wish to have delivered back home we can arrange a cost effective and safe solution for you.

With our growing network of retail service centres across the UK, PACK & SEND are able to collect your items from your hotel, cruise ship or accommodation and at time that suits you, package them securely for international shipment and then deliver them to over 80,000 locations around the world on any one of a number of our international shipping and delivery services.

For most holiday purchases international air shipping is the ideal solution and should you be continuing your travels prior to retraining home we can arrange to store your items and ship them so that they arrive at home when you do.

For more information and to get a quote for shipping your excess baggage or holiday purchases homeclick here.