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Business Services

At PACK & SEND, we provide a wide range of freight forwarding solutions for businesses from start-ups to large corporations. Our range of domestic and international shipping services is unrivalled in the UK, and whether you need to send a single parcel across the UK or internationally, or you need to relocate an entire computer department, at PACK & SEND we can provide you with a complete solution.

More than a Freight Forwarding Company

We are more than a regular freight forwarding company. We also specialise in providing professional bespoke packing solutions, courier services and logistics solutions to small and large businesses, including eBay shippers and online e-commerce companies.

We offer services including postal, courier, distribution and furniture removals via air freight, road freight and sea freight. Some of our main business services include:

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Next Day Fast Delivery & Complex Logistics Services

If your business needs items to be delivered in a hurry, we also provide overnight delivery and same-day delivery services. This is an important service for those occasions when speed really is of the essence and you cannot afford to wait around.

If you need to send a crucial document to a client or business partner to arrive on the same day, we can make sure that your delivery arrives anywhere in the UK within a few hours.

If you need to send your item further, we can also provide you with a next-day delivery service to anywhere in Europe. Choose our Overnight Priority Express service and state whether you need your item to arrive by 9:00am, 10:00am or 12:00pm, and we will take care of the rest.

Our bespoke logistics services are used by businesses both large and small to deal with complex packing requirements and associated shipping needs. By making use of our own extensive logistics abilities, including our growing network of retail service centres, you can improve customer satisfaction by providing an efficient returns service without having to invest time and money in your own network.

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Project Moves

If you are a business that relies on having to move items around the world as part of a project on which you are working or a piece of work which you are pitching for then PACK & SEND can help provide the ideal solution.

It may be that you are an architectural or engineering firm that needs to get an architectural model shipped internationally in order to help with a pitch for a major design and build contract;

or you may be an orchestra that requires to have your instruments shipped to an international destination for a tour;

or it could be that you require a collection of items to be shipped abroad and then moved around the destination country for a series of shows.

Whatever your requirement, PACK & SEND’s flexible packaging and international and European shipping solutions mean that we can put together a highly tailored programme that will satisfy your international or European shipping requirements.

Our professional packaging services mean that we can arrange for the packing of any item no matter how fragile, large, awkward or valuable in crates, corrugated cartons, or full flight cases to ensure that your items arrive in one piece.

Our multitude of international freight solutions mean that we can ship your things across the world or across Europe in a manner that matches your timescales and budget whether that be on one of our international air freight services, our international sea freight service or our European road freight service.

At PACK & SEND we understand that the value of your shipment is not just in the real value of the goods you are shipping – but also in the purpose to which they are to be put once they arrive. With all our international deliveries we track all shipments right through to the point of delivery and all require a signature upon arrival in order that we can see where the shipment is, and more importantly, who signed for it. And for that extra peace of mind we can put cover in place against the unlikely event of loss or damage whilst in transit – for any item of any value, no matter how fragile or sensitive.

Tailored Solutions for Your Business

At PACK & SEND, it is our business customers who tell us why we are successful and it comes down to four words: responsiveness, flexibility, reliability and convenience. Put simply, we are different at PACK & SEND because, regardless of the size of your business, we are prepared to tailor a solution to meet your requirements rather than having you fit our requirements.

Know anyone else who does this? No, neither do we!

So whether you represent a bluechip corporation, government department, private firm or a start-up small business, and whether you need speedy international courier services, reverse logistics or bespoke packing solutions, contact us to find out why we are the leading niche experts in customised freight solutions.

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