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Removing the Stress from Relocating Abroad – 7 Top Tips for a Smooth Move

Friday, 23 January 2015

Moving Abroad PackingYou might want to be closer to family or friends, you could be retiring to the sun or it may be that you have a new job, you could even be starting a university course or you may just fancy a change!

Whatever your reason for ‘upping sticks’ and leaving the UK, and no matter how long you are planning on living away for, there are many things that you will need to sort out and one of these will be how to get your worldly goods to your new home. So here are a few points to bear in mind to help you be a ‘smooth mover’ when arranging a temporary or permanent move abroad.

1)      Timescales – Advance planning is essential to avoid problems or disappointment and as soon as you know your intended moving date you should be making arrangements for collection and packing. If possible, it is better (and probably ultimately cheaper) to get your things packed, and even stored, ready to ship as soon as you can rather than leaving everything to the last minute and paying rush fees.

2)      Decide what is Urgent – You will probably need some of your stuff as soon as you arrive such as your clothes, toiletries and Xbox, but other things may not be so urgent. In which case you can consider splitting your shipment and using a fast airfreight service for the essentials and send the rest via a more economical sea freight option. Just make sure the wine glasses are in the first shipment…

3)      Decide what you Need to Take – Moving home is a great opportunity to have a clear out! Not only will you save money by not shipping those things that have been lurking in your loft for the past five years but you can have an excellent shopping spree replacing the out-dated stuff you left behind when you get there! Don’t forget to check out things like power voltages and phone and TV formats where you are going or you may find yourself paying to move items that just won’t work when you arrive!

4)      Customs Rules – Whilst any shipping agent worth their salt will be able to give you guidance on the common customs requirements, you should remember that there can be a delay in processing clearance – especially for larger shipments – and add this to your expected delivery schedule. Getting the paperwork right will not only minimise the time it takes to receive your possessions, but it will also avoid the risk of incorrect or discretionary duties being charged.

5)      Packing Lists and Labelling – If you are packing your own things then make sure you list everything going in the boxes and cases as you fill them and place labels on each carton summarising what it contains. Not only will this be needed by the customs agents wherever you are going, but it will help you find your toothbrush quickly when it comes to unpacking. Marking boxes for the ‘kids bedroom’ or ‘hubby’s shed’ will help to get your things to the right place when you arrive as well.

6)      Packing – Whilst many people choose to pack their own things for shorter, domestic moves, it can make a lot of sense to use a professional packer when your shipment is going abroad. Specialist packers are familiar with the sometimes hostile conditions in aircraft cargo holds, sea containers and port clearance warehouses and will pack your things securely to ensure that they are protected adequately.

What’s more, good packers will ensure that each carton or parcel is filled as fully as is safely possible to minimise the volume of your shipment and hence keep the cost of shipping as low as possible. They will also use high quality packing materials that will not split or burst when being moved or stacked and will provide effective protection against heat, cold and damp.

7)      Peace of Mind – Professional packing and good quality cartons will reduce the chances of damage when shipping your things, but it is impossible to remove the risk of breakages or loss completely so it is important to choose a shipper that can offer repair or replacement cover for your treasured goods. Be sure to read the terms of the cover carefully as there can often be hefty excesses or exclusions in many policies for shipping protection and don’t find yourself under-insured by making sure you carefully list all the things in your consignment and the value that they have – you will be amazed at how much all those shoes and handbags, or that set of golf clubs, are worth!

With a little planning and a good choice of provider, completing your move abroad should be smooth and trouble-free. No matter where you are going, or how long you will be there, living in another country is a great opportunity to experience a different culture and see new places and people; so enjoy every minute!

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