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IBM Computer

PACK & SEND Selected to Make Historic IBM Computer Portable – at Least Once!

Thursday, 09 March 2017

PACK & SEND, the UK’s largest specialist packer and international shipper headquartered in Reading, are delighted to have been selected to handle the secure shipment of a rare and historic IBM computer that is currently being auctioned on ebay with much publicity.

This piece of IT history has been gathering dust in Faith Warner’s garage for years after her late father bought it in the 1980s, and when her research revealed that it was an IBM Series 1 that was originally launched in 1976 and could be worth £thousands she decided it was time to sell.

The machine was likely to have been used to control external equipment and similar units are still employed today in managing US nuclear weaponry. It also handled basic data using magnetic tape for storage and retrieval.

Whilst PACK & SEND are able to deliver most things, they specialise in the secure packing and safe delivery of items that are fragile, valuable and just plain awkward. As this mammoth machine weighs close to 400kgs, it is not your average portable PC, but the specialist shipping franchise have wide experience of handling similar shipments such as fragile artwork, antique furniture and laboratory and medical equipment. They can deliver internationally as well as across the UK.

Faith revealed that her engineer father’s computer memorabilia collection was originally much larger but much of it had been disposed of since his death six years ago. The IBM unit had remained covered in tarpaulin mainly because it was so large! She is unsurprisingly delighted to learn what an astute purchase her father had made when he obtained the IBM machine and is hoping that the sale will provide vital funds for Reforge – her growing North Devon retreat business.

With similar examples previously changing hands for up to £150000, the machine is likely to sell for much more than the £5000 opening price that has been set on the listing.

The unique nature of this item has led to much media attention with coverage on the local TV and national press in the UK as well as features in specialist literature across the world. Faith has also been contacted by the IBM museum in the US.

The ebay listing is scheduled to run until March 12th, but with so much publicity and interest in it potential bidders are probably going to have to be quick!

Commenting on the unique sale, Mike Ryan, Chief Executive of PACK & SEND, said: “We were delighted that our high quality packing and flexible collection and delivery options have helped us to be  selected to handle the packing and delivery of this rare piece of computing history and hope that it secures a good price for Faith and her new business.”


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PACK & SEND offers a complete range of postal, freight, courier, packing and removal services operating through a growing retail network. Founded in 1993, the first PACK & SEND Store was founded in Parramatta, NSW, Australia.

The business has expanded over the past 24 years from the one store and is rapidly becoming a global brand. It continues to grow its retail network in the UK and globally and now has stores across the UK having opened the first UK store at the height of the recession in 2009.

The business can send any item anywhere in the world but specialises in the packing and international shipment of items that are fragile, large, awkward or valuable.


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