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Image for post: PACK & SEND brings Kings Road to a stand still

PACK & SEND brings Kings Road to a stand still

Thursday, 22 November 2012

On Thursday 22nd November, Reading’s Kings Road was brought to a standstill as a Sherman Tank was reversed off its transport that had carried it from the Midlands down to PACK & SEND Reading.

The Sherman Tank was in fact a fully functioning, 150 kg 1/6 scale model of the real thing that had been transported to Reading in order that it could be packed and sent to the US by PACK & SEND.

The tank is controlled remotely and is powered by two standard car batteries. It is fully armoured and manoeuvres and fires like the real thing. It took well over 200 hours to build.

It has been sold by a member of the exclusive British Tank club to an enthusiast in Arizona.

Once at PACK & SEND in Reading the tank will be secured within a palletised wooden crate and then shipped by air to the US, cleared through customs and then delivered to the buyers address in Arizona. Given its high value PACK & SEND are also providing cover against loss or damage whilst in transit.

In the past 12 months PACK & SEND, who specialise in the international packing and shipping of items that are fragile, large, awkward or valuable, have packed and shipped a number of vehicles and vehicle parts including: – A World War I ambulance to a collector in Australia. – A 1958 Norton Commando motorbike to an enthusiast in America. – Two horse drawn carriages to a horse breader in Maryland. – Numerous engines, transmissions, body panels and axles for vehicles ranging from Mercedes, Jaguar, Range Rover and McClaren to various international locations.


For further information download PACK & SEND’s Portfolio of Achievement or please contact:

Mike Ryan – PACK & SEND UK:

0118 958 4498 [email protected]

Graeme Rhodes – PACK & SEND UK

0118 958 4628 [email protected]


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