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The Most Expensive Mistakes in Business History

Monday, 19 October 2015

Of course people make mistakes; no-one is perfect after all. Unfortunately for some, mistakes in business can cost extortionate amounts of money, even for a tiny, tiny error. Sometimes these slip-ups can only affect the individual, but other times they may impact huge corporations, or even countries.

Our latest infographic explains the worst high-cost mistakes ever made by people, businesses and countries, from all over the world. It’s amazing how so small an error can have such huge repercussions! The infographic analyses the mistake or accident that happened to cause such a calamity, and describes how it all went so wrong, often detailing the overall cost the error has caused.

There are some that you may be familiar with, and perhaps some you might remember hearing in the news. However, even if you did hear about them you might not be aware of just how colossal these mistakes were, and what they ended up costing overall!







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