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Image for post: New Leaders of the Pack in South London with the Launch of PACK & SEND Croydon

New Leaders of the Pack in South London with the Launch of PACK & SEND Croydon

Monday, 02 February 2015

Croydon, February 2015 – PACK & SEND; the specialist packing and shipping company providing end-to-end collection, packing and delivery of virtually any item to almost anywhere in the world, is pleased to announce the opening of their latest store in Croydon, South London. This is one of several new units for the PACK & SEND franchise store network which is growing faster than ever to bring their unique packing and international shipping services to both personal and business customers across the UK.

PACK & SEND specialise in the professional and secure packing, and domestic and international shipping, of items that are fragile, large awkward or valuable. Their extensive range of domestic delivery services and international freight, cargo, shipping and courier options along with their expert packing knowledge mean they are able to live up to their claim of being able to pack and ship anything, anywhere in the world.

The opening of PACK & SEND Croydon strengthens their coverage in the South London area to undertake packing and shipping for individuals and businesses of all sizes in the Croydon area and other South East of England locations. Their mix of flexible collection, high quality packing services and wide range of customer friendly shipping options makes shipping internationally with PACK & SEND the only choice for those needing to move anything that has a high financial or emotional value or which must arrive safely – wherever it is going!

Consumer customers using PACK & SEND packing and shipping can include excess baggage services for tourists, individuals making a short-term or small-scale move or anyone trading on-line at sites such as ebay where buyers and sellers need to arrange shipping of a purchased item. Business customer needs can be shipping for short-term moves for employees or equipment, office relocations or the packing and safe delivery of critical, fragile or awkward items such as art and antiques, the shipment of samples or proto-types and the secure movement of valuable items such as data servers or laboratory equipment, architectural models or exhibition and display materials.

PACK & SEND Croydon is managed by Mark & Anita Sanderson whose previous experience, including Mark being a Director in a household name company and Anita working with Lloyds Underwriters in London, has been invaluable in helping to match PACK & SEND’s specialist shipping services to the needs of businesses and individuals alike.

The contact details for PACK & SEND Croydon are:

189-189 St James Road



Telephone:     0203 818 1980

e.mail:          [email protected]


PACK & SEND promise to send ‘Anything, Anywhere!’ – and all their stores provide a unique combination of specialist packing and shipping services across the UK and international delivery to 220 countries. Every store has a wide range of shipping options via air, road and sea including door-to-door delivery as well as specialist services for controlled temperature items, vehicle shipping and even accompanied shipments where required.

Shipments managed by the UK business have included:

–      £1 million specialist lab equipment packed and delivered to Sweden and Holland

–      Rugby League World Cup and Super League Cup delivered to finals

–      Life-size sculptures constructed of steel and pottery to European destinations

–      High value server units and switching gear to data centres internationally

–      Antiques and art shipped to and from major auction rooms around the world

–      Classic car part deliveries for UK and international buyers

–      Excess baggage for tourists and travellers to countries across the globe

Of course, as with all PACK & SEND stores in the UK and across the world, there will be no need to actually come to the new shop in Croydon, South London at all! All stores can collect goods and parcels from across the area and secure packing can be undertaken either on-site or at the local store so everything can be arranged by phone or e.mail.

The PACK & SEND store network will include up to 240 stores across the UK; many of which will be operated by franchisees and individuals interested in opening a PACK & SEND store can discover how to start on their website. Anyone needing to ship anything (however unusual) in the Croydon or South East London area, or to anywhere else in the world, can request a quote online or call 0203 818 1980.


For further information download PACK & SEND’s Portfolio of Achievement or please contact:

Graeme Rhodes – PACK & SEND UK: [email protected]



Note to Editors

PACK & SENDis a company that offers a complete range of postal, freight, courier, packing and removal services operating through a national retail network. We were founded in 1993, establishing the first PACK & SENDStore in Parramatta, NSW, Australia.

PACK & SENDhas expanded over 20+ years from the one store and is rapidly becoming a global brand. We are continuing to grow our retail network through franchising.

Open 5 days a week, we manage packaging, freight and message sending services for businesses of all sizes, as well as for householders and tourists. Our freight solutions range from sending a 20gm letter to a 1 tonne consignment. We are the industry leader with respect to handling goods that are fragile, large, awkward, and valuable.

We offer over 30 different freight services, enabling us to deliver to any destination on the planet. Message sending services include not only courier and mailing of hard documents but the electronic transmission of messages. We sell packaging supplies and can custom pack items of any size or weight.

Through our retail network, we differentiate ourselves from the traditional methods of servicing customer needs in the freight market by offering powerful freight solutions through a combination of experience, first class operating systems, strategic partners and the entrepreneurial spirit of our franchisees.

Every moment, of every day there is something that was packed and sent by a PACK & SEND store being moved somewhere on the planet.


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