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Student or International Study Moves

Need to get all your stuff home?

When students move at the end of term or the academic year then it is a sure thing that there is more to move than there was to start with - but moving to and from University doesn’t have to be as difficult as a Quantum Physics class!

At PACK & SEND we specialise in packing, shipping and protecting removals for students. Our services are perfectly matched to moving the types of things students have at home: stereos, computers, musical instruments, text books, beds and bedding – even bikes, surfboards or other sporting or recreational items.

We can either call and collect your things and then pack them in our store before arranging for them to meet up with you at home, or you can bring your treasured possession to us and we will make the arrangements then. We can also offer our Gold Service unlimited value loss or damage protection for everything that we pack to give you (and your parents) peace of mind that everything will arrive safely!

Studying Overseas? – We Can Get You and Your Things There Safely!

Regardless of where you are going to be studying, we can get your things there and home again at the end of your stay. When you are starting a new course, and may be leaving home for the first time, the last thing that you need to worry about – especially when moving abroad - is how to get your PC, books and other study stuff into another country.

That’s where we can help. We can pack your things safely and compactly to minimise your shipping costs. We can also advise you on customs and import documentation and let you know if there are any special restrictions applying to the country you are moving to for your studies. And at the end of your studies, we can help move your possessions home – no matter how they have grown!

Gap Year Travelling Overseas? – We can help with that too!

If you plan on travelling overseas, PACK & SEND can also help there too. With our range of international moving services such as sea freight, air freight, international courier and excess baggage options we can help to make your overseas trip a dream.

We also stock a full range of packaging materials for those students that like to DIY. Our range includes various bubble wraps, tapes, boxes and cartons of all sizes and more. For more information on our range of packaging materials click here. To buy boxes and packaging contact your nearest PACK & SEND store.