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Palletised & Bulky Freight

PACK & SEND’s freight services extend to the international, European and UK shipments of large and bulky items that require palletisation prior to shipment and where economy rather than speed is the main requirement.

Our European services are road shipments or road and sea shipments and we can arrange collection and delivery of your goods whether they you require us to palletise the items or whether they are already palletised.

For international shipments of bulky or heavy items PACK & SEND have a number of services that are ideal for the international shipment of palletised freight. Our air cargo service is ideal should you require a slightly faster delivery time at an economical price or, where time is less important and economy is of a greater priority, our international sea freight service is ideal whether you shipment will require full container or can be shipped as a part load in a shared container.

All our international cargo and palletised shipments are on stamped pallets which will ensure there will be no issues with fumigation or rejection at customs at the port or airport of entry.

So if you have a bulky or heavy international shipment why not give PACK & SEND a call and let us take care of the whole thing for you.

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